Alumni and Partners

Honors Student with dean of LcoB and Professor Parineh

Semester End Celebrations

An Alumni Mixer is held mid-semester to allow networking between past students who have gone through the same journey as current students. Sbona Honors Program alumni and sponsors are invited to attend the semester end celebration honoring graduating students. Both graduating students and current students, honors faculty, the Dean of the LCOB and, of course, Gary J Sbona, will be in attendance. You will be notified via the Gary J Sbona Honors Program Linked-In group of the date, place and time. The purpose is to provide current students with the benefit of your experience, and to provide you with the opportunity to network with some of your fellow alumni, honors project teams, and honors faculty. 

How You Can Help

We would appreciate any ideas you might have regarding how we might involve alumni and project sponsors more in the program. Some things you could consider include:

  • Attending Networking Events
  • Mentoring honor students 
  • Coffee Talks with honor students about work experience
  • Providing speakers, or being a speaker in guest lectures
  • Provide Scholarship opportunities to honor students

Please contact the Honors Coordinator, or the program director Meg Virick, Ph.D.

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