Current Students

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This page contains information for current students in the Business Honors Program.

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Current and former Sbona Honors students are invited to join the Business Honors program LinkedIn group.  The purpose is, of course, networking, sharing job opportunities and also getting general information about the program.

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Graduate with Honors from the Business Honors Program:

To graduate with honors from the Lucas College of Business (LCOB) and have it listed on your transcript, you must:

  • Have completed two semesters in the honors program
  • Have an overall SJSU GPA of 3.25 or above
  • Have a GPA of 3.5 in upper-division business classes. That means all business classes numbered Bus 100 and above, plus Business Ethics (186) and 100W (whether designated “Bus” or not).
  • Complete an individual scholarly paper, as required by your department.
  • Have an honors faculty recommendation.

If you have satisfied the above requirements, you may use either of thefollowing wording on your resume, Linked-In profile, etc.:

  • Graduated with honors from the Lucas College of Business, San Jose State University
  • Graduated with honors from the Lucas College of Business with a concentration in (your concentration, e.g., Accounting & Finance), San Jose State University

Admission to the Lucas College of Business MBA Programs

Students who successfully complete the Business Honors Program can be granted a waiver for the GMAT/GRE requirement for application to the Lucas Graduate School MBA programs, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Graduate with honors from the Business Honors Program (as verified by a letter from their department honors faculty)
  • Apply for admission to the Lucas MBA programs within five years of their graduation date