Instructor Feedback

It is important that the online instructor responds to student questions respectfully and within a reasonable timeframe (e.g., 48 hours) . The instructor should provide regular feedback on student work throughout the semester and constructive criticism regarding the quality of work and areas needing improvement.


Canvas (Instructure)
Canvas is our online Learning Management System (LMS). It provides various ways to provide students with feedback. Those tools include providing a grade and comments via SpeedGrader, send specific groups of students a message via Canvas Grades, and send students or student groups feedback via Canvas Messages.

  • Canvas Grades
    The Canvas Grade function is an online grading tool that enables instructors to track student work and share scores and feedback with students throughout the semester. The Canvas Grade function lets instructors filter the outcomes of a quiz/assignment etc. by certain criteria allowing to send messages only to select students.
  • Canvas SpeedGrader
    The SpeedGrader allows the instructor to retrieve student submissions and grade them. A grade can be assigned through this feature along with feedback. Feedback can be provided in a written comment form, audio form, or video form or it can be attached as a separate document.
  • Canvas Messages
    Canvas Messages allows instructors to give feedback to students or a group of students.