Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance students with certificates and graduation stoles

The Honors Program is an experiential learning opportunity in which students will apply their learning from their major and their concentration to tackle real-world projects with one of our Business Honors Program partners. This course provides an applied practical experience under the supervision of a faculty member for students admitted to the Honors Program. This will involve a team of students working with a Silicon Valley company on a project, in which the team will directly create value for the firm. Participating client organizations will sponsor a team of capable and motivated Accounting and Finance students to work on a collaboratively defined strategic project which will have measurable outcomes and deliverables. Students will be given the autonomy to define the roadmap, timeline, and milestones for achieving agreed-upon goals. At the conclusion of the semester, student teams will present their findings and recommendations to the leadership team from the sponsoring organization.

Honors students will:

  • Get exposure to leading companies, executives, and organizations in Silicon Valley
  • Collaborate with other honors students across disciplines
  • Develop leadership and professional skills while getting hands-on experience and building a professional network
  • Hear from top leaders in Silicon Valley and around the world throughout the semester
  • Network with Honors peers across departments in the College of Business
  • Have the opportunity to earn departmental honors

How to apply to the Business Honors Program?

Application usually begins at the start of the semester and applications are reviewed toward the end of the semester. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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