2017 CBFS Scholarships

Since 2009 the CBFS has awarded 157 scholarships for a total of $223,000. The CBFS offers scholarships carrying the name of each sponsoring financial institution.

Congratulations to the following 2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Bridge Bank Scholarship - Atom Murata

Bridge Bank Scholarship - Martin Cerna

Bridge Bank Scholarship - Taylor Bennett

Avidbank Scholarship - Joshua Fontanilla

Avidbank Scholarship - Grace Koz

Heritage Bank of Commerce Scholarship - Iqbal Saini

Heritage Bank of Commerce Scholarship - Waddah Alabduljabbar

Technology Credit Union Scholarship - Thinh Phan            

Technology Credit Union Scholarship - Hunter Faughnan

Star One Credit Union Scholarship - Craig Conroy

Star One Credit Union Scholarship - Victoria Mihm

Union Bank Scholarship - Daniel De La Torre

City National Bank Scholarship - Vanessa Gan

KeyPoint Credit Union Scholarship - Stephen To

PremierOne Credit Union Scholarship - Nguyen Phan

Meriwest Credit Union Scholarship - Eric Yu

Past Scholarship Recipients