Marketing and Business Analytics

Sbona Honors Spring 2021 Group Pic in Zoom

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is an opportunity for students to synthesize the learning from their major and their concentration to tackle real-world projects with one of our Business Honors Program partners.

Participating client organizations will sponsor a team of capable and motivated marketing and business analytics students to work on a collaboratively defined strategic project which will have measurable outcomes and deliverables.

Students will be given the autonomy to define the roadmap, timeline, and milestones for achieving agreed-upon goals. At the conclusion of the semester, student teams will present their findings and recommendations to the leadership team from the sponsoring organization.

Why the Business Honors Program?

Honors students will:

  • Get exposure to leading companies and organizations in Silicon Valley and beyond
  • Collaborate with other honors students in both the marketing and business analytics disciplines, as well as professionals from the sponsoring organization
  • Develop leadership and professional skills while getting hands-on experience and further honing their technical skill in their chosen discipline(s)
  • Hear from top leaders in Silicon Valley and around the world throughout the semester
  • Network with other peers in their own department as well as in the Sbona Honors Program at large
  • Have the opportunity to earn departmental honors by maintaining excellence in their studies and completing a scholarly project

NOTE: Department honors notation on diplomas will be awarded to students successfully completing 6 units in the program over two semesters, who also maintain a 3.5 GPA in their major and complete a scholarly paper.

Students who successfully complete either 3 units (one semester) or 6 units (two semesters) but do not meet the GPA or scholarly project requirements will still receive a certificate from their department indicating honors completion each semester they participate.

How to apply to the Business Honors Program?

Spring applications usually open in January and close in May; Fall applications usually open in August and close in November. Outside of those windows, we do take applications on a rolling basis. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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