Lucas College Faculty

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business faculty continuously demonstrate their ongoing commitment to creating a creative culture and enriching student experience through their teaching, research and involvement with Silicon Valley businesses. New and ongoing faculty initiatives are the source of extensive LCoB experiential learning, which lead to student internships and projects and to networking opportunities with Silicon Valley employers. The LCoB Centers and Institutes are led by our faculty, inherently contributing to the school’s mission and embracing strategic principles for faculty achievement.

Excellent teaching and research with relevant, business applications are the underpinning for all LCoB activities. Our diverse faculty engage in trailblazing research that furthers the knowledge base of the Silicon Valley region and beyond. More than a quarter of intellectual contributions are related to Silicon Valley business activities. LCob faculty present and speak at many professional events and conferences including Financial Management Association, the American Accounting Association, the Academy of Management, INFORMS, and in front of Congress.

The faculty at Lucas College and Graduate School of Business dedicate their time and effort to support students throughout their college career. They go beyond expectations and allow you to truly learn from hands-on projects. They guide you to learn and grow from experience. Kristel – BS Marketing