Interaction and Collaboration

It is important that the online course design includes multiple means of communication, including learner-to-instructor and learner-to-learner interactions . As such, the instructor should create a sense of community by frequently communicating with students regarding course activities, the posting of new content, current assignments, approaching deadlines, and other pertinent information . The instructor should further create forums for students to interact with each other (for example forums to introduce themselves and ask questions about the course content, expectations, and assignments). 


  • Canvas (Instructure)
    Is our online learning management system (LMS) that provides tools for document distribution, communication, and assessment, as well as a host of other tools to encourage course participation. Those tools include Canvas Announcements, Canvas Conference, Canvas Chats, Canvas Discussions, Canvas Pages, and Canvas Messages.
    • Canvas Announcements
      Canvas Announcements is a feature within the Canvas LMS that is used to make important class announcements. Students can respond to these announcements.
    • Canvas Conference
      Canvas Conference is a feature within the Canvas LMS that is used to deliver live, synchronous classes or office hours using two-way audio and video.
    • Canvas Chats
      The Canvas Chat works similarly to any other chat tool. It allows instant interaction between people in a course. As such, instructors can use Canvas Chat to hold virtual office hours or study sessions. Students can use Canvas Chat to reach out to other students in the course for explanation or feedback in real-time.
    • Canvas Discussions
      Canvas Discussions is a feature within the Canvas LMS that is used for learner-to-learner interactions. Pictures, links, and videos can be embedded.
    • Canvas Pages
      Multiple users(e.g., instructor, students, project groups) can edit the same shared collaboration page. It allows you to post text, pictures, videos, and other web content for all collaborators to view.
    • Canvas Messages
      The Canvas Message function in the Canvas LMS functions as an internal email function among all class participants (i.e., between students, instructor and students, and student and instructor). Group messages can also be sent.
  • Facebook
    Facebook is a social networking tool that creates a virtual place for Facebook users to connect, share, collaborate, socialize, or simply “hang out.”
  • Skype (Microsoft)
    Skype is software that enables people around the globe to make video and voice calls and to send instant messages via a computer and mobile device.
  • Twitter
    Twitter is a free online social networking and micro-blogging service that provides a way to send tweets, short messages 140 characters or less, in real time.