Letter from CAPS Office

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) recognizes the impact of recent events on the students of San José State University. Like other universities, we know that our experiences have been deeply enriched and strengthened by the cultural and intellectual diversity all students bring into our communities. We appreciate everyone, and the safety and security of all students is of utmost importance. Additionally, we also recognize that events of recent days can cause significant psychological distress that may reduce the academic performance of students; both to those directly and indirectly affected. We want our campus community to understand that the counselors of CAPS stand for cultural diversity and social justice.

We invite all students to come into Counseling and Psychological Services, located at the Student Wellness Center, room 300B, for any support needed.

Letter from Dr. Kell Fujimoto, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services:

April 12, 2021

Dear Students,

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) would like to express that we stand in solidarity with the Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Desi American communities in the face of the recent attacks and expressions of anti-Asian hate, racism, and violence. 

The past few months have been challenging for many with the trial for George Floyd's death, Atlanta killings of six Asian women, attack on our nation's Capital, and racial violence against our BIPOC communities are undoubtedly impacting the mental health and well-being of our campus community.  Direct and vicarious exposures can be distressing and traumatizing, and can result in many emotional reactions. 

During times of distress, it is important for us to stay connected with family, friends, and people who provide us support and care.  Continue to stay physically distant, but emotionally and socially connected through phone and video calls, text messaging, and social media.  Limit your exposure to the news and when you do seek out information, obtain it from accurate, reliable, and trustworthy sources. Maintain a routine, but be flexible with yourself and listen to your feelings and body. Finally, get outside and in touch with nature, and always wear a mask.

We want to remind you that we are here and available for all registered students. We continue to provide all of our services through confidential telecounseling services through phone or video sessions.  Students who are residing out of the state of California can utilize our crisis intervention services, workshops, and self-help resources. State mental health rules and regulations, as well as our professional ethical standards, limit us in providing continuous individual counseling to students who are out of the State.  To find a mental health provider in your geographical area, please visit our new service, Thriving Campus, at sjsu.thrivingcampus.com.  

For crisis intervention services, students can speak to a counselor by calling our main line at (408) 924-5910. In addition, students can contact the Santa Clara County Suicide and Crisis Hotline at (855) 278-4204 or send a text to the Crisis Text Line at 741741. For life threatening emergencies, individuals should call 911; or if you live on campus, call campus police at (408) 924-2222.

CAPS' business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Appointments are available!  To get connected, call us at (408) 924-5910 or email counseling.services@sjsu.edu.

Thank you, please keep yourself safe, and treat yourself (and everyone else) well.