Consultation and Outreach

Counseling and Psychological Services offers consultation and outreach services to faculty, staff, and departments of San José State University. Personal and educational counselors are available to work with you and your department on various issues. 

Consultation Services

Faculty, staff, parents, and friends of San José State University students are encouraged to consult with our counselors about various student issues. Consultations may help

  • Improve a student's educational and personal success at San José State University,
  • Promote positive environments for faculty and staff, and
  • Prevent situations from escalating to crisis mode.

Please call us at 408-924-5910 to speak with a counselor about a particular concern.

Outreach Services

San José State University, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Outreach Services creates a community of care by empowering students, staff and faculty through non-traditional avenues to increase awareness and education of mental health. In addition to annual programming, students, staff and faculty may request multiculturally-focused and developmentally appropriate presentations, supportive debriefs, tabling events, and interviews. All programming is inclusive and accessible.