Personal Counseling

Personal counselors are here to help you identify and accomplish your academic and career goals, enhance your personal development, meet life's challenges, and improve your interpersonal relationships. We offer brief therapy sessions to individuals and couples who are matriculated students of San José State University.

You do not need to be in significant distress to seek counseling. Sometimes our beliefs or expectations of ourselves, or of counseling, results in a delay in seeking help until situations become serious. While no issue is too big or small, many students tell us that they wish they had come to counseling sooner. Start the journey now and seek counseling earlier rather than later.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling facilitates the exploration and resolution of personal problems and issues according to the needs of the individual.

Some of the issues often addressed in individual counseling are:

  • Stress
  • Don't know how to cope with life circumstances
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Identity issues, including cultural, religious, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender, etc.
  • Body image, eating disorders
  • Loneliness
  • Difficulty forming or maintaining healthy relationships
  • Physical or emotional abuse (past or present)
  • Cross-cultural issues (including cultural conflicts between parents & child)
  • Difficulty defining problems
  • Marked changes in functioning
  • Irritability
  • Changes in thinking or perceptual abilities
  • Difficulty setting limits with others

How to see a personal counselor:

  1. If you have never been to CAPS, please call our office at 408-924-5910 or stop by to schedule your initial session. The purpose of this initial meeting is to understand your needs so that we can guide you to appropriate resources such as groups and/or workshops, brief therapy at CAPS, or referral to an outside counseling agency. 
  2. If you have been to CAPS within the past year and would like to return, please call to schedule an appointment. A counselor will discuss your options for services.

Couples Counseling

Sometimes people who care about each other encounter impasses in their ability to resolve issues in their relationship. Personal counselors can help couples improve self-awareness, insight, communication, and relationship skills, particularly when couples attend together.

Personal counselors utilize a variety of interventions to assist couples in resolving problems. Couples may be given assignments to work on, either as a couple or individually. Couples counseling is often complicated by one or both of the individuals having significant unresolved personal issues. It is important for participants to be willing to address their own internal issues as well as the personal issues of the other person in a non-blaming and constructive manner.

How to see a personal counselor for couples counseling:

  1. If you and your partner have never been to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) as a couple, please call our office at 408-924-5910 or stop by to schedule the initial couple session. You may then be scheduled to meet with a counselor following the initial session.
  2. If you have been to CAPS before as a couple and would like to return, please call to schedule an appointment.

Information on confidentiality

Confidentiality in psychological counseling is important to encourage you to discuss all of the struggles that you are experiencing. Counselors are ethically and legally required to keep confidential information shared by you in counseling. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) uses the following confidential practices: