Education Sector Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccination Effective Feb. 28

Sent: February 23, 2021
From: Joanne Wright, Senior Associate Vice President, University Personnel

SJSU campus community,

Beginning Sunday, February 28, SJSU employees living in Santa Clara County can get the COVID-19 vaccine based on education sector eligibility. We are encouraging all who are eligible and able to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine to do so to protect themselves and their loved ones, as well as the campus and greater community as a whole. Please note that the education sector eligibility does not include students unless they are working in the Education Sector. 

For SJSU employees residing in Santa Clara County, we offer the following information:

  • Appointments can be scheduled by visiting the Santa Clara County COVID-19 vaccination site or calling 2-1-1. You can schedule an appointment today for February 28 or after, depending on availability of appointments. 
  • Once on the website, simply follow the directions. You should be prepared to answer a number of questions concerning your eligibility as well as selecting your preferred vaccination site.
  • Be aware that as you complete the required forms (based on which site you select), you may be requested to confirm your insurance provider. Under the county’s “No Wrong Door” policy, to get the vaccine at a county vaccination site, you do not need to list your insurance provider. If you do enter in an insurance provider, the system may advise you that you are not eligible based on your provider’s vaccine availability. 
  • Once you have booked an appointment, the county will send you a confirmation email. It is important that you follow all instructions. This includes:
    • Completing an attestation at the time of your vaccine ensuring that you meet criteria 
    • Bringing evidence of residency in Santa Clara County to your appointment, such as a government-issued photo ID showing residence and date of birth (i.e., driver’s license)
    • Providing evidence of employment at SJSU (or other institution in the Education Sector), such as your Tower Card and a recent paystub. 
    • Bringing proof of your insurance coverage (i.e., insurance card) with you to your appointment.
  • You may obtain your paystub and W-2 form online:
    • Visit Cal Employee Connect (there is also a tile on one.SJSU)
    • Click Register
    • Click Continue on the next page
    • Accept the User Agreement
    • Select “CSU, San Jose” from the drop down menu for Department
    • Enter “260” for Agency Code
  • If you do not have your statement number or total deduction information, or if you need help registering, please contact your Payroll Representative.
  • Generally, the county advises individuals arrive 15-30 minutes before their appointment. This is important, as adhering to this request helps to ensure all activities at the vaccination site run smoothly.
  • While at your appointment and after receiving your first vaccine, you will be asked to schedule your second dose appointment. Come prepared with your availability to facilitate the scheduling process.
  • Sick time may be applied for vaccination appointments.

For SJSU employees who are not residents of Santa Clara County, but are interested in being vaccinated, visit the state of California’s My Turn website to learn about your area’s eligibility requirements. Information is also typically available on county public health websites dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as through your healthcare provider.

If you have any additional vaccination questions that are specific to SJSU, contact


Joanne Wright
Senior Associate Vice President, University Personnel