SJSU Mask Policy Moved to July 15; Guidance on Events and Meetings

Sent: July 1, 2021
From: Vincent Del Casino, Jr., Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dear campus community,

A change has been made to the university’s mask and face covering policy that was previously announced last month. Originally slated to begin today, the date has now changed to start Thursday, July 15. 

On July 15, fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask while at SJSU’s campus unless they desire to continue wearing one. To provide sufficient time to gather necessary information and to meet and confer with our union partners, the requirement to wear masks for any and all activities at SJSU’s campus will continue through July 14, 2021. Until then, the only time you do not have to wear a mask on campus is when you are alone in a private office with the door closed. 

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask indoors at all times, unless alone in a private office with the door closed, and outdoors when it is not possible to maintain six feet of physical distance from others. 

Events guidance

As part of repopulating campus, a return to in-person events are a natural and important part of re-establishing and building a vibrant campus community. As the campus navigates a transitional fall semester, in-person activities can resume, with considerations for inclusion, equity and the understanding it is possible pandemic circumstances could necessitate changes.

Space requests for fall semester events handled by Student Union Event Services and Facilities Development and Operations can be submitted beginning July 6

Requests for spaces reserved through Academic Scheduling can be submitted once the academic needs are confirmed to have been met and needs for designated study spaces are resolved.

With a lot of students enrolled in online and hybrid classes as part of their overall course load and some faculty and staff working hybrid schedules during fall semester, organizers with activities that worked well in an all-online format should consider continuing that event or meeting online for the fall semester. Additionally, organizers should be aware of several other considerations:

  • Some individuals may still be uncomfortable with large gatherings or meeting in small spaces
  • Changes to transit, or a lack of comfort using transit may impact people’s access to campus 
  • Even in the hybrid format, with changes to transit, parking may be highly limited especially for campus visitors at peak times

Organizers must remind all members of the campus community and off-campus visitors to stay home if they don’t feel well and cannot attribute symptoms to another known cause, such as allergies or a pre-existing condition. Additionally, organizers should share masking requirements for unvaccinated individuals in invitations and understand some individuals will choose to continue to wear a mask. 

Meetings guidance

Returning to in-person meetings is encouraged. Meetings should be conducted in the format most accessible and equitable for participants. With the fall semester being a transitional semester, members of the campus community may be working hybrid schedules, necessitating a hybrid meeting style.

We look forward to coming together on campus again starting this month. 


Vincent Del Casino, Jr.
Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs