SJSU’s Response to CSU Announcement Regarding Intended Requirement of COVID-19 Vaccinations for Students, Faculty and Staff

Sent: April 22, 2021
From: President Mary A. Papazian

SJSU campus community,

Today, April 22, the California State University (CSU) joined the University of California in announcing the two systems intend to require students, faculty, and staff who are accessing campus facilities at any university location to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This new requirement would take effect upon full approval of one or more vaccines by the FDA or at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester, whichever comes later. Three vaccines are currently approved for emergency use — Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. The implementation of this requirement is also contingent on the adequate availability of fully approved vaccines. The requirement will allow students or employees to seek an exemption based on medical and religious reasons. 

We understand this announcement will be welcomed by many and met with questions by others. The CSU is still finalizing this policy and implementation details, and will engage with the California State Student Association, the CSU Academic Senate, and labor unions before implementing any changes to the CSU’s existing immunization requirements.

SJSU will update the campus community if and when the FDA fully approves one or more vaccines. Updated information will be provided by campus email and on the Health Advisories website. As we finalize our repopulation plan for the Fall 2021 semester, we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our campus community.

Thank you for your ongoing patience as we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times.


Dr. Mary A. Papazian