color photo of SJSU Spartan Racing team at the Michigan SAE competition. Both the Combustion and Electric Cars are in front of the group, with their drivers in the cockpit
The ME Department's 2022 SAE team

What Mechanical Engineering Offers

Our hands-on curriculum and projects give students the best opportunity to learn and interact with our faculty. Our graduates work in many diverse industries in the Silicon Valley, including aerospace, medical devices and biotechnology, telecommunications, semiconductor manufacturing and equipment, power generation, and product design.

color image of Dr. Du floating in zero gravity
Zero G Team

Who Should Apply?

Do you like to draw and design things? Are you good at math and science? Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works, or how products are designed, or how robotics are controlled? If so, you should consider an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. If you already hold an undergraduate degree, and you want to take your knowledge to the next level, take a look at our Master of Science degree program. Our graduate program caters to working professionals with evening classes and a practical, project-based curriculum.

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Two M.E. Students prepare their robotics final project, working on either side of the robot.
Dr. Du's Robotics Students work on their final project

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Your donation to the ME Department wlll support student projects, publications, facutly professional development, and state of the art learning and lab equipment for students.

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color image of gold balloons spelling the word 'alumni'

Advice from Alumni

Check out advice from our BSME graduate (3-7 years after graduation that was collected in the Summer of 2020

color image of a rescue helicoper reeling in a victim and rescuer

Can the rescuer and victim be safely reeled in at high speed?

Why should you take ME 101H to learn Dynamics?

  • It is easier for those who like to learn (not memorize).
  • You analyze real-world problems and gain valuable school-to-work skills.
  • If you found Physics 50 (mechanics) to be confusing, but your math is solid, you'll enjoy ME 101H as a GPA-enhancing foundation for ME 147, ME 154, ME 190, etc.
  • Past students find that if you make the time and effort, you'll do well.
  • Limited enrollment, dedicated instructor team, plenty of help

Enroll soon, as we expect the class to fill quickly!

Prerequisites: MATH 32 or 32X and CE 95 or CE 99 (each with a grade B or better)

ME 101H meets MW 10:30-11:45, with Prof. Buff Furman. This course and instructor are highly recommended by Dr. Paul Mitiguy (Stanford) and Professor Jeanine Hunter (SJSU Aerospace Engineering)

color image of the SR13 combustion car, side view, driving by at high speeds

SJSU FSAE Spartan Racing 2022 Competition!

Congratulations to Spartan Racing and Spartan Racing Electric! They competed at the Michigan International Speedway last weekend. The Spartan Racing, SJSU Formula SAE placed 4th in Combustion and 8th in Spartan Racing Electric, placing the team's top California team in each class. It is also important to recognize that we are the only school with entries in both classes that qualified for endurance. We are so proud of these teams for persisting through all the challenges. Go Spartans!

a group photo of the ME Department Scholarship recipients and ME Faculty

ME Alumni Recognition and Scholarship Event

On May 11th, we had to opportunity to celebrate our 2022 Scholarship Recipients as well as the generous donors who made the awards possible, and to whom we would like to extend the deepest thanks for their kindness.

We had the chance to honor Daniel Bolin, our ME Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, whom we would like to thank for his many contributions to the department as an experienced industry professional.

At the event, our guests were able to explore various Senior Design projects and voted to select the ME Senior Design Project of the Year. To that end, we would like to congratulate the Spartan Superway Bogie Wheel Housing Team for winning first place, and the teams who tied for runner-up, the EV Charge Bot Team and the Autonomous Nutrient Analyzer Team!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who attended this event and made it a true celebration of ingenuity, achievement, and generosity.

computer generated color image of a solar powered public transit system suspended over the center of regular roads.

Solar Powered Automated Transportation

On ABC7 News

"Solar-Powered Automated Transportation: Feasibility and Visualization," a study by Dr. Furman, Dr. Laxmi, ME Alumni Jack Fogelquist, and several others was published this December 2021 by MTI. "The report is the culmination of 19 months of research into the feasibility of powering a radically new public transportation system by grid tied solar PV and an investigation into how to best visualize it for stakeholder buy-in," says Dr. Furman. 

Check out a video about this project

color image of sjsu wildfire team

SJSU's Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center and Dr. Ali Tohidi

Check out this NBC News story about the opening of SJSU's Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center. New ME professor Dr. Ali Tohidi is one of five new faculty members hired across campus as part of this center and the only one in the College of Engineering. An SJSU Newsroom article discusses Dr. Tohidi's work in particular.