Student Employment (On Campus)

Hiring Process

Professors and supervisors will email the department to initiate the hiring process. If you are interested in a position, please contact the professor directly.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Class Standard [pdf]

The Teaching Associate classification provides currently enrolled or admitted CSU graduate students with part-time employment offering practical teaching experience in fields related to their advanced study. They teach university courses and may also assist faculty or teaching staff with various professional and technical activities. Work assignments are closely associated with their program of study or the academic department in which they are enrolled. Below is more information for your role as a Teaching Associate.

Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)

Class Standard [pdf]

Under supervision, Instructional Student Assistants in this classification perform teaching, grading or tutoring duties for the majority of work hours in a given appointment in a given academic department or equivalent administrative unit over the course of an academic term. Assignments are made by academic department or equivalent administrative unit by a specific supervisor at a CSU campus.

Get more information for your role as an Instructional Student Assistant.

Student Assistant (SA)

Student Assistants can serve a variety of roles at SJSU. These roles can range from clerical, research, or technical support. 

Reporting Hours: ISA's and SA's

Please note reporting Hours is a two-part process:
1. Report your hours on SJSU@Work on a daily basis.
2. Report your hours on a timesheet via DocuSign.

If you are unfamiliar with how to report your hours, please refer to the department's Guide for Reporting Hours for ISA's and SA's [pdf].

Reminder: Timesheet or Hours not reported on SJSU before the deadline of a pay period may result in a delayed payment.

Video on how to log in your hours on DocuSign

Video on how to log in your hours on SJSU @ Work


View the 2023 Student Payroll Calendar [pdf]

For TAs Only

Find out more about the Teaching Associate Fee Waiver