Teaching Associate Fee Waiver

CSU Executive Order 611 [pdf] grants campuses the authority to offer Tuition Fee Waiver programs for Teaching Associates. In recognition of the important contribution our Teaching Associates make to the campus community, University Policy S05-9 [pdf] authorizes San José State University to offer tuition fee waivers to Teaching Associates.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Submit the Teaching Associate Fee Waiver Application [pdf] to your hiring department to begin the process
  • Teaching Associate who are receiving federal/state financial aid, including any state grants, scholarship, or fellowships must contact Carolyn Guel, 408-924-6083 at the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. Receiving the tuition fee waiver can affect their financial aid.

Fees waived during the teaching semester

  • Mandatory campus miscellaneous fees
  • Mandatory state university fees

Units/Time base

  • 1-6 units are covered for a time base of .10-.20 or
  • More than 6 units for a time base above .20

Questions? Contact the Tuition Fee Waiver Program Coordinator for more information.