Teaching Associate Fee Waiver

CSU Executive Order 611 grants campuses the authority to offer Tuition Fee Waiver programs for Teaching Associates. In recognition of the important contribution our Teaching Associates make to the campus community, University Policy S05-9 [pdf] authorizes San José State University to offer tuition fee waivers to Teaching Associates.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Submit the Teaching Associate Fee Waiver Application [pdf] to your hiring department to begin the process
  • Teaching Associate who are receiving federal/state financial aid, including any state grants, scholarship, or fellowships must contact Carolyn Guel, 408-924-6083 at the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. Receiving the tuition fee waiver can affect their financial aid.
  • Special session and self-support courses are not eligible for fee waiver.

Fees waived during the teaching semester

  • Mandatory campus miscellaneous fees
  • Mandatory state university fees

Units/Time base

  • 1-6 units are covered for a time base of .10-.20 or
  • More than 6 units for a time base above .20

Questions? Contact the Tuition Fee Waiver Program Coordinator for more information.