College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE)

Appointments in CPGE managed sessions—Winter Term, Summer Term (non-state support), and Special Session—require review by the UP - FS Additional Employment team. The "UPFS Additional Employment" form found in OnBase will be used for making CPGE appointments and for compensating the faculty after the appointment period ends. Gone is the old 2-stage process using 2 forms—one for appointments and the other for payments (vouchers).

After approval by Additional Employment, the 'UPFS AE form' will be retained by CPGE. CPGE will verify and update the form's information—including payment amount—after the appointment ends. Finally, CPGE routes the form to the ESS team for payroll processing.

CPGE teaching and non-instructional appointments must be made on a per faculty member basis—one cannot appoint multiple faculty on the same form. However, one may request multiple appointments (e.g., more than one class) for the same faculty member on one form. However, payment is issued only after the "appointment end date" for all appointments on one form.

Tip: Submit more than one appointment form if payment is expected after each class is completed (e.g., first summer session, second summer session).

Changes to appointments (e.g., a class is canceled) will require submitting a revision of the faculty member's assignment using another UPFS Additional Employment Form with the appointment type: Revision.