Reporting Tickets Provided by an Agency

Tickets and Passes to Events (form 802)

There are circumstances where receiving a ticket or pass does not result in a gift to the employee and need not be reported on the employee’s Form 700.

A ticket or pass is not a gift to the employee where:

  • The ticket or pass is provided by a source for which the employee performs a ceremonial role or function on behalf of CSU; or
  • The CSU gives the employee a ticket or pass provided by a third party, and (a) the recipient is not identified by the third party; (b) the CSU determines who will use the ticket; and (c) the distribution of the ticket complies with CSU policy; or
  • When CSU receives the ticket (a) pursuant to a contract for use of its property, (b) because CSU controls the event, or (c) CSU purchases the tickets at fair market value and the distribution complies with CSU policy.

CSU must report these tickets or passes to the FPPC on a Conflict of Interest Form 802: Tickets Provided by Agency Reporting and Instructions [pdf], and post it on the CSU website within 30 days after the distribution.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the ticket or pass being classified as personal to the individual and reportable on his/her Form 700.

Tickets to Nonprofit and Political Fundraising Events

A CSU employee may accept for his/her personal use a single ticket or other admission privilege to a fundraising event for a nonprofit or political organization as follows:

  • 501(c)(3) Organization Fundraiser:  the 501(c)(3) organization may provide one ticket per event and the ticket is deemed to have no value so long as the cumulative value of the nondeductible portion of the ticket(s) does not exceed the gift limit.
  • Political Fundraiser: the committee or candidate may provide one ticket to the event and the ticket is deemed to have no value.
  • Other Nonprofit Fundraiser: the value is the face value of the ticket less the amount donated to the organization.  If no face value is listed, the gift is the pro rata share of the cost of the food and beverage, plus the cost of any items given to the attendees.
For additional information about compliance requirements, contact Magdalena Carrera, Coordinator of Online Training & Compliance, via email ( or phone (408-924-2256).