Compensation Review for Staff

Requesting an In-Range Progression

An employee’s compensation is set based on a variety of factors including equity among similar positions in the department, division and across campus. Years of experience doing the work may also be taken into account, especially at the time of hire. It is important to remember that equitable does not mean equal and sometimes people doing the same work will be paid differently. If you believe your compensation needs to be reviewed due to the assignment of additional work or a concern about equity, you can submit a compensation review. If a change in compensation is warranted, an in-range progression will be granted.

A request for an in-range progression (compensation review) may be submitted by the employee or manager. In-Range Progression/Compensation Review requests shall be submitted to University Personnel through the Compensation Review Request Form [docx] form. An employee shall not submit a request for an in-range progression prior to twelve (12) months following submission of any prior in-range progression request. Review of an in-range progression request shall be completed within 90 days.

Employee-Initiated In-Range Progression/Compensation Review Request

An employee may initiate a request for an In-Range Progression (compensation review) by submitting the required documentation to the immediate non-bargaining unit supervisor with a copy submitted to Classification & Compensation via email to .

It is strongly recommended that the employee and manager work together to initiate the review, but this is not required.

The required documentation is as follows:

  1. Completed Compensation Review Request Form [docx]. This form asks for the rationale for changes being proposed.
  2. If the rationale includes changes to the position, include a current position description in Microsoft Word format, as well as the previous position description. These two documents help to highlight any changes to the position.

The Review Process

The review process conducted by Classification & Compensation may include any or all of the following:

  1. Analysis of the materials associated with the position including the position description and the rationale for the requested change.
  2. Interviews with incumbent, supervisor, and/or managers.
  3. Comparison to other positions on the campus and/or within the CSU system for similarities and differences in matters such as scope, responsibility, skill level.

When Classification & Compensation has completed a review and analysis, a decision will be rendered and communicated to the requestor. If the review was employee-initiated, a copy of the decision will be sent to the manager.

Timelines and Effective Dates

  1. Classification & Compensation will complete an In-Range Progression/Compensation Review Request in 90 days or less from the date the request is received in University Personnel.
  2. Any compensation change will be effective on the first of the month following receipt of the request in University Personnel.

Appeal Process

In-Range Progression/Compensation Review decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.

For additional information contact your Classification/Compensation Manager.