Enter My Absences

Absences must be entered and approved by 5pm on the first working day of the following period. You are strongly encouraged to enter your absences as they occur rather than waiting until the end of the pay period.

  1. Go to the View and Report Absences page to enter your absence hours
  2. The current pay period defaults
  3. Select the type of absences in the Absences Name field (Please note: For absence types Sick-Bereavement and Sick-Family Care, you will be required to Add Comments.)
    1. To report full day:
      1. Select the Begin and End Dates; you may span a weekend, as the system will only count the days you are actually scheduled to work
    2. To report a partial day:
      1. Select the Begin Date and make the End Date the same
      2. Select Partial Hours in the Partial Days field
      3. Enter the hours/minutes for the day; round according to the Personnel/Payroll information Management System Conversion Chart
  4. To report additional absences, click the plus button to insert a new row
  5. Click Calculate Duration to view total hours taken
  6. Click Submit
For additional information contact your payroll representative.