How to Write a Project Proposal

Contents of Proposal

A recommended template for an MS project or thesis proposal is provided at the following link, from which you can make a Google Docs copy or download a Microsoft Word file:

ME 295 and ME 299 Proposal Template

Proposal Approval Process

The project proposal must be written so that it provides a strong evidence of a student’s thorough understanding of the topic and the capabilities to carry out the work successfully. There are three levels of approvals and signatures required to ascertain that the student in fact has the understanding and capabilities to complete the project successfully. First, the proposal is reviewed, evaluated, and signed by the advisory committee. Next, the signed Proposal Evaluation Form is attached to the proposal, along with the completed Proposal Cover Sheet and submitted to the ME office for approval and signatures of the Graduate Advisor and the Department Chair. Refer to the Projects and Thesis tab for proposal deadline.

See our detailed instructions [pdf] for submitting the project proposal in DocuSign to help guide you through the process. 

Proposal Deadline

The proposal must be approved by the advisory committee, the Graduate Advisor, and the Department Chair prior to the university deadline for adding a course, usually the second week of February for the Spring semester and the second week of September for the Fall semester. The add-code for the first term project is issued by the ME office only after the approved project proposal has been received. Failure to meet the deadlines can delay your graduation.

Sample Proposals

The following are some representative examples of project proposals. Your proposal may have additional requirements depending on your project committee chair.