Candidacy Form

Advancement to candidacy is a crucial step to complete your MSME program. An approval of advancement to candidacy denotes that the student is on track to graduate. This form requires the signature of the departmental graduate advisor, and after approval, it’s processed by the ME office.

The Candidacy form can be submitted only after you satisfy (1) the Classified student’s status and (2) the GWAR requirement.

The Candidacy form should be filed as soon as these two conditions are met. To be eligible to enroll in the graduate project course (ME 295 A/ ME 299), you must have an approved Candidacy form on file. Failure to file this form timely, your graduation will be delayed. When filling out the Candidacy form, you must follow the strict guidelines stipulated by GAPE. You can download the sample of a correctly completed Candidacy form from the following site. When completing the Candidacy form, you can go to the sample Candidacy form link given below to see how a properly filled Candidacy form looks like.

GAPE Forms

Successful completion of the MSME program requires you to complete various GAPE (Graduate Admission and Program Evaluation) forms. Below is a brief description of the forms and a link to where you can get them. 

Change of Classification in Graduate Program [pdf]
If you are conditionally classified, you need to file the above form to change your admission from conditional to the classified status. 

Application for a Change of Graduate Major:
The application for Change of Graduate Major Form has transitioned into the new Change of Graduate Program Petition and is now live and posted on the GAPE Forms webpage. The benefit of this revised petition is that it is a paperless process with automated email communication informing students of the receipt and status of their petition. Through this new process, eligible students are informed to check-in with the program they request to enter about any additional requirements to submit a separate department application. Programs that only allow new students to start in the fall will be supported to allow Change of Program petitions for fall only, unless otherwise indicated. Your Graduate Program Evaluator will act as the liaison between the student and program to ensure proper processing of the request.

Request for Validation of Transfer Credit [pdf]:
If you have taken any graduate course at some other institution and the course is equivalent to an existing ME graduate course, you can use this form to request transfer credits for the course. 

Request for Re-validation of Course that has Exceeded the Seven-Year Time Limit [pdf]:
This form indicates how expired courses will be re-validated for renewal.

Request for Course Substitution
Current students may use this form to substitute a core or an elective course listed on an approved candidacy form. View Course Substitution in the Graduate Student Guide. Please note that per university policy, you cannot replace a course listed on Candidacy form if you have already received a grade in the course.

Additional Forms

MSME Program of Study Checklist [pdf]

Forms for MSME Thesis/Project Proposal 


MSME Thesis/Project Proposal Evaluation Form and Proposal Cover Sheet are now available on DocuSign. Follow these instructions to speed and ease the process of submitting your proposal.

View the instructions [pdf].

Other Thesis/Project Forms

ME 295A/299 (I) // ME 295B/299 (II) Oral Presentation and Grade Forms:
These forms are now available on DocuSign. These forms are initiated by the committee chair and will be signed by the advisory committee who will assign a grade for the course following the oral presentation.

Thesis/Project Committee Chair and Members Consultation Records [pdf]:
Record of the meetings that took place throughout the semester with the student's advisory committee members. This form is availble on Docusign; search for: "MSME_Project_Consultation Records".
Follow the video instructions found here to use this form.  

Thesis/Project Assessment Form A: for ME295A and ME 299 (I) - to be initiated by the Committee Chair ONLY
Reference for Assessment Form A Criteria [pdf]

Thesis/Project Assessment Form B: for ME295B and ME 299 (II) - to be initiated by the Committee Chair ONLY
Reference for Assessment Form B Criteria [pdf]

Each committee member will evaluate the project at the end of the oral presentation and provide a score for various components of the project.