Graduation Requirements

The directions below are for Spring and Fall 2019 graduates only. You may also need to follow these directions if you returned to SJSU after a lengthy absence.

Spring 2020 graduates and beyond can apply for graduation online with a very simple process. You will be sent a message with instructions when you are eligible to apply. You can also find direction on the Graduation and Commencement page.

Application Deadlines

You should apply for graduation when (all points must be met)

  • You’ve earned at least 90 semester units
  • Are two semesters away from the semester in which you wish to graduate
  • Are in good academic standing (not disqualified status from the university)

Official application deadlines are given on the registrar’s website.

  • To receive two semesters of priority registration, deadlines typically around mid-March for graduation the following spring. This is the deadline for the form to be through the department to the university. Please get your form to the department by mid-February.
  • To receive one semester of priority registration, university deadlines are typically on or near October 1, which means you should have it to the department by September 1.

If you apply after the deadline for one semester of priority registration, you *might* still be able to graduate on time, but you risk having your official graduation date delayed.

Required Paperwork

Your application package must include the following:

You application might need to include the following:

  • Equivalency forms – Only if you transferred a major course from another university and it is not listed as equivalent on If you are transferring a course from a school outside the US and have not gotten equivalency yet, please see an advisor in the Engineering Student Success Center. If you are missing some equivalency forms, the Engienering Student Success Center should be able to get you a copy.
  • Other college/university transcript – Only if those courses do not show up as part of your SJSU record yet. If you submitted your transcript to SJSU and the courses show up on mysjsu, then you do not need to provide a copy of your transcript.
  • Approved minor form in a sealed envelope –The minor form must be signed by an advisor in the department granting the minor. If you have not yet officially added your minor, you must have them also fill out the required form to add the minor. Some departments will submit your minor form to the registrar directly rather than giving it to you to submit with your major form. (Note that you may have trouble adding a minor if you try to add it after your major form is turned in.)
  • Double major form – if you have a double major, you should attach both major forms in the same packet. If you have not yet officially added the double major, include the double major form as well. Add a timeline to graduation showing all courses, making it clear how much time adding the 2nd major will add to your graduation date, if any. Double majors are rarely approved, particularly if they will delay graduation.

Final Steps

Update your preferred email in mysjsu, since that’s where you will receive graduation correspondence from the university.

Turn in your form at the front desk in the ME office. You do not need a separate advising appointment with an ME advisor. The ME Department will provide all needed signatures.