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Live Help Desk

Dropin advising is hosted at the Live Help Desk. A front-desk staff member will greet you and send you to a breakout room to an available advisor. Check out our workshop/events calendar for drop-in hours for updated hours.



Check out our help desk or dropin schedule

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E-mail us

Typical response time is 48 hours.

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See an Advisor

Major advising, transfer equivalency petitions and more. This links you to our list of services and instructions for making an appointment.


Undergraduate Advising

Changing your major? Need information regarding transfer equivalencies? Start here.

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Graduate Advising

Requirements, eligibility, and application information. Discover how a post-baccalaureate degree can level-up your career.

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Career and Professional Development

Recruiters are looking for more than a degree these days. Graduate with a well-rounded resume that includes internships, student activities, and marketable job skills. A career advisor can show you how.