Academic Notice

Per University Policy S16-16, [pdf]

undergraduate students will be placed on academic notice if at any time (following a Fall, Spring, or Summer term) their SJSU cumulative GPA falls below 2.0. 

Additionally, engineering students must also adhere to the College of Engineering's policy on Academic Notice in the Major [pdf]

To provide just-in-time support, students on academic notice receive a registration hold on their account. To remove this hold, students complete modules on Spartan Reboot: Resiliency in Action, a non-credit bearing Canvas course.  

Spartan inside reboot icon Spartan Reboot: Resiliency in Action

The requirements to remove the Academic Notice hold  (formerly known as the Probation hold) is as follows: 

  1. Attend two appointments with an Engineering Student Success Center advisor
  2. Complete activities in Spartan Reboot
    • Getting to Know You survey
    • Academic Policy Module
    • TIme management module
    • One of the following Addressing Basic Needs, Identity and Motivation, Learning and Memory, Self-efficacy and Growth Mindset
    • Exit survey

Students on academic notice who do not have access to Spartan Reboot by the second week of classes should email .