How to Register for Classes

  1. Learn the language and the nitty gritty details related to registering for courses on the Registrar's Registration Basics page.
  2. Students can search for classes automatically using MyScheduler or manually. Read the Enroll in (Add) a Class pdf [pdf]  which includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots.
  3. Below is a demo from our peer advisor, Eloisa, who uses MyPlanner and MyScheduler together.


 4) Running into errors? View the Enrollment Process Map [pdf] with a troubleshooting guide.

Additional Information

Add codes
Math registration
Prerequisites / Requisites
Precalculus Proficiency Assessment

Add codes

Permission number, enrollment code, add code--these are the same numbers that will allow you to register for a class.

When would I need an add code?

  1. If advanced registration is over. Students will not be able to add nor drop courses online until the first day of classes. At this point, if you want to add a class, you need to have an add code You can, however, drop courses until the drop deadline at your discretion.
  2. If you are repeating a course for the second time or are in a major that currently does not require the following courses:
    1. PHYS 50, 51, or 52
    2. CE 8

How do I get an add code?

Generally, attending the first class and asking the instructor for an add code should work like a charm (assuming there is space to add). If it is a course that has a prerequisite you took at another college, have a copy of your unofficial transcript or Transfer Equivalency Petition to show your instructor.

Otherwise, for courses such as PHYS or CE, you will need to visit the department pages for instructions. The Physics department, for example, uses Google forms to request an add code. As for Civil and Environmental Engineering, you can request priority status, or go to the class on the first day of classes.

Prerequisites / Requisites

For most core courses, the registration system will block you from adding a course for which you do not have the prerequisites or requisites. Visit the Math department's Calculus info page. for more information.

A common error students make is neglecting to add a math workshop (Math 30w, Math 31w, etc.) when adding a math course with an "x" in the course number (Math 30x, Math 31x, etc.).

Precalculus Proficiency Assessment (PPA)

This test can place you into Calculus one. If your AP scores will not be released before your orientation date, we recommend taking the PPA so you can register for a math class as soon as possible.

It's highly recommended that all students take the PPA in order to register for a math class that is appropriate for their level. Taking a math course that is either too difficult or too easy will have an affect on your graduation timeline.