Course Planning Tools and Resources

sample catalog page

"The San José State University’s catalog is the official source for Mission and Institutional Learning Goals, Policies and Procedures, Majors and Programs, and Course Descriptions. Students are encouraged to utilize the catalog in planning their path to graduation" (Catalog Homepage). An archive of previous catalogs is also available.

Enrollment Process

Registering for courses can be daunting, even after you figure out your courses for next semester. View the enrollment process map so you can troubleshoot any issues you might encounter. Familiarize yourself with terminology related to registration.


Flowchartsflow chart

A prerequisite sequence map for major courses. Courses in pink or red are considered critical because they allow students to take a significant number of higher-level major classes. 

GE worksheets 
 decorative image of GE worksheet

Students in the College of Engineering have exceptions to the traditional General Education requirements. These exceptions help students complete their degree in four years.


MySJSU Tools

Your academic records reside in your MySJSU account. As such, you also have powerful planning tools that all advisors use: MyProgress, MyPlanner, and MyScheduler.