Peer Tutoring

ESSC hosted 2 workshops in September in cooperation with the Writing Center and Peer Connections.

Writing Center

  • Studying progressively throughout the week helps you learn the material.
  • Time working on papers with the writing center is a collaborative effort on your writing rather than proofreading time.
  • Two 45-minute online tutoring sessions per week, with a third (additional) session being available upon request for graduate students 



Online/Virtual Services: 

  • Online tutoring sessions using Zoom (including evening hours until 9:00 PM)
  • “Ask a Tutor” live chat service
  • Workshops via Zoom on various writing topics
  • Original online resources for self-study (e.g., videos, handouts, our blog)

Peer Connections

  • Available online
  • 200 classes covered, 36 tutors
  • Request your time to meet with tutors
  • Available even when studying abroad

Myths: Only go to tutoring if you are struggling with a subject.
Students who do well in college never go to tutoring.

Fact: A lot of people go to tutoring to have the material explained differently since everyone has a different learning style.

Best times to go to tutoring:

  • At the beginning of the semester, check-in to get organized in your class-especially if you feel unsure or concerned about the class.
  • Before and after a project or exam/test to get feedback on strategies that worked or didn’t work to come up with a plan of action and lessons learned.
  • Or on a regular basis so you build good study habits

What if you don’t feel strong in a subject?

  • Ask questions, not only with your professor, but also with the tutor.
  • Have a study plan and stick to it.
  • Practice active learning (self-quizzes, study groups, flashcards) vs. passive learning (re-reading the text, fallacy of familiarity).
  • Don’t cram: pace yourself.
  • Form Study Groups so you can learn together.

What are the effects of going to tutoring?

  • Increased confidence
  • Stronger study and learning strategies
  • Build a connection with other students and resources on campus

Tutoring more than 5 times a semester can have a positive correlation on GPA and retention.


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