Transfer Equivalency Petition

With a recommendation from your major advisor, you would proceed with the transfer equivalency process if you completed coursework from an institution that does not have articulation with SJSU. You should work with an advisor to check the various articulation sites that could show proof of equivalency. 

Before initiating the process

  1. Talk to your major advisor to see if they would be willing to substitute or waive a major requirement instead of going the TEP route. GE courses such as physics or math will also need to go through the Intensive Science Plan.
  2. Work with an ESSC advisor to check for articulation on TES (for private, out of state, or international schools) or (for California public schools) to make sure your courses aren't articulated with SJSU. 

Initiating the process

  1. Gather the following:
    • your syllabus (must be from the term and year you took the course, include course description, textbooks, and learning outcomes) 
    • transcripts (unofficial OK) if they haven't been posted on your Transfer Credit Report
  2. Fill out and submit the form.

During the process

  1. Wait. You will receive notice via your SJSU email within 2-3 weeks. 
  2. Contact the ESSC if you have not heard from them within that time frame.
  3. In some cases, the evaluator might ask you for further proof. Be prompt and clear with your responses. If it helps, work with an ESSC advisor. 

After receiving approval or rejection of your petition

  1. Approved: Hooray! That's one fewer course you don't have to take. Unfortunately, this will NOT be posted on your records, so you will need to keep records of your approved TEPs in case your advisor or your professor requires proof that you've met prerequisites.
  2. Rejected: Talk to your major advisor about a possible substitution; otherwise, you will need to take the course that was not approved.