Transfer Equivalency Petition


Beginning July 2022, there has been a big change in the process:

  • Only College of Engineering (CoE) coursework for Engineering or Aviation majors will be evaluated using the CoE Transfer Equivalency Petition (TEP) described below. Please see our FAQ for details.
  • Engineering or Aviation students who want to request equivalency for a College of Science course will use a different process. Please see our FAQ for details.

Before you continue to the form, read the FAQ and use the checklists below to prepare.

Qualify for the TEP Process

Prepare to Initiate the TEP Process


A complete, accurate, appropriate petition has the best chance of being approved.

Initiating the process

  1. Gather the following evidence (required as part of your petition):
    • your course syllabus (must be from the term and year you took the course and include a detailed course description with assignments, activities, schedules, textbook(s) used, and expected learning outcomes)
      Sample syllabus
    • your transcripts (unofficial OK)
  2. Fill out and submit the form, being sure to attach each of your supporting documents. Everything needs to be part of the Docusign envelope. Creating a self-contained petition increases your chance of timely approval.
    See instructions and the link to start a TEP in DocuSign.

During the process

  • Wait. You will receive notice via your SJSU email usually within 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer in the period close to graduation.
  • Contact the ESSC if you have not heard from them within that time frame.
    Please allow more time at the start of the semester due to increased volume of petitions.
  • In some cases, the evaluator might ask you for further proof. Be prompt and clear with your responses. If it helps, work with an ESSC advisor.

After receiving approval or rejection of your petition

Approved: Hooray! That's one fewer course you don't have to take.

Unfortunately, the petition will not be posted on your records, so you will need to keep records of your approved TEPs in case your advisor or your professor requires proof that you've met prerequisites.

Note that substitutions don't automatically clear pre-reqs. There is one more step in the process—MyProgress being updated—which can take a little time depending on the number of pending updates and timing in the semester. In the meantime, you can send the approved petition to the instructor as evidence when requesting the Add code.

Rejected: Talk to your major advisor about a possible substitution; otherwise, you will need to take the course that was not approved.