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Fall 2022: Holds & Enrollment Appointments

Types of Holds

Which type of hold do you have?

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How to Remove a Hold

In MySJSU, click the blue "Details" link to find out how to remove the hold so you can register for Fall 2022. This process happens each semester until you have applied to graduate. 

How to Remove a Hold

Enrollment Appointments

On April 11, 2022:

Fall 2022 Enrollment appointments will be posted to students' accounts, and the Fall 2022 Class Schedule will be available as well. Advance Registration for Fall 2022 for our continuing students will begin on April 26th.

Learn more about Enrollment Appointments & Registration

Notice about Drops & Adds

After Friday, April 22

Retroactive course drop or semester withdrawal for undergraduate and Open University students

Retroactive Course Drop and Semester Withdrawal

Friday, April 22

Late Add Post-Census Request for Spring 2022 ended

Late Add - Retroactive for Fall 2021 or prior

Advising Topics & Services

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GE advising, Major advising, Graduate student advising, Guided Pathways: We have it all. If not, we can direct you to the right place.

Clear your major advising hold


Holds can be removed only by the department that placed them. Remove your holds before your enrollment appointment (registration date for the next term).

Change of Major

Prerequisites, impaction GPA, and Earned Unit Count: these matter if you want to change your major. Learn about the College of Engineering's requirements to apply.


Focusing on multiple levels of student challenges, our workshops can bolster your academic toolkit and self-efficacy.

Course Planning Tools and Resources

Self-starter? Planning master? Or, do you simply want to know what a GE course is? Start here.


Are you on academic or major probation? Our holistic approach allows you to take control of your success.

Transfer Credit

Courses from an institution outside of SJSU are considered transfer credit. Learn more about articulation, equivalencies, and submitting your transcript.

Submit a Transfer Equivalency Petition (TEP)


What do you mean I have to apply for graduation? Learn when and how to apply for graduation and who your graduation evaluator will be.

Orientation for New Students

Important registration information for new students.

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We are the faculty, professional, and peer advisors dedicated to your success.

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