M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

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The advancing technology of our nation makes the continuation of study toward an advanced degree advisable for motivated students of suitable scholarship and promise. The program for advanced study in Mechanical Engineering at San José State University is designed to develop a high degree of competency, both in theory and in practice, required by technology.

San José State University is a campus of the California State University. It is situated in the city of San José, which is regarded as the hub of the Silicon Valley. The area is renowned for the large concentration of the high tech industry. There is a great demand for engineers possessing advanced skills. The Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program is designed to afford ample opportunity for working engineers to continue their education. Courses and scholarly activities in such areas as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, rigid-body dynamics, vibrations, modal analysis, finite element methods, computer-aided mechanical engineering design and optimization, controls and manufacturing engineering, and mechatronics systems engineering can lead to a degree of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME).

MSME Program Educational Objectives

  1. A strong foundation beyond the undergraduate level in their chosen focus area as well as in mathematics, basic science and engineering fundamentals, to successfully compete for technical engineering positions in the local, national and global engineering market, advance in their current position or pursue doctoral studies.
  2. Professional and lifelong learning skills to be able to apply and extend theory to solve practical contemporary engineering problems.
  3. The expertise necessary to design mechanical engineering systems with possible specialization in areas such as energy systems, electronics cooling, electronics packaging & reliability, finite element analysis & CAD, mechatronics & MEMS, product design, robotics, automation & manufacturing.
  4. Strong verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to read, write and comprehend technical documents.
  5. Ability to think and work independently to perform design and in-depth analysis in solving open-ended mechanical engineering problems.

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