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Photo of a robot
Multi finger pipe climbing robot.

Although San Jose State University's primary mission is teaching and education, research in mechanical and aerospace engineering is a vital part of keeping our programs current and engaging. Our research objective is multifold: to engage in applied research with industry and government collaborators; to involve and educate undergraduate and graduate students in the frontiers of mechanical and aerospace engineering; and to build areas of expertise within our department. Potential research sponsors should contact faculty with the relevant expertise directly, or the department chair. The areas of research undertaken by our faculty are diverse and ever-changing. For the latest information, please go directly to the websites of individual faculty members. 

Machine Shop

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Computer Lab 215

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Robotics, Sensors and Machine Intelligence

The Robotics, Sensors, and Machine Intelligence (RSMI) Laboratory at San Jose State University aims at educating both graduate and undergraduate students on the latest sensor and robotics technologies, as well as smart devices.

Center for Thermal Management

The Center for Thermal Management Research at SJSU serves the engineering community by performing applied research and fostering students' understanding.

Spartan Superway

Sustainable Mobility System for Silicon Valley (SMSSV) is an interdisciplinary project to design a PRT (Personal Rapid Transport) system.


The Makerspace in the SJSU College of Engineering provides students with resources needed for all kinds of engineering projects.