MSME Project/Thesis Presentation Process Summary

  1. Student submits full draft report according to the instructions [pdf] and deadline stated in the syllabus (ME 295A, ME 295B, or ME 299 as applicable).
  2. Committee Chairs are now in charge of initiating the Thesis/Project Assessment forms (A or B) via DocuSign.
    - Thesis/Project Assessment Form A Criteria [pdf]
    - Thesis/Project Assessment Form B Criteria [pdf]
  3. Committee members evaluate the work and submit assessment forms to the committee chair.
  4. Student submits the final report to all committee members according to the deadline stated in the syllabus. 
  5. Committee chair routes the Oral Presentation and Grade Form to committee members and submits final grade by the semester grading deadline. 
  6. For ME 295B or second semester of ME 299, committee chair submits the grade form to the ME Graduate Program Advisor for processing the Verification of Culminating Experience Form.