2024-25 Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Program Registrations, Applications, and Reports

The University Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) Assigned Time (AT) Program has been a fruitful investment and an effective mechanism to support the RSCA efforts of our faculty members. Please note this year's timeline, process, and requirements for the new registrations, applications, and productivity reports. All awards are subject to budget availability and there is no guarantee at this time that awards will be funded. 

New Registrations and Applications

(Awards starting in AY 2024-25)

Annual, Three-Year, and Final/Five-Year RSCA Productivity Reports

All faculty who had tenure when they started their RSCA AT program in AY 2021-22 must submit a formal three-year report this year.  

All faculty who had tenure when they started their RSCA AT program in AY 2019-20  (Cycle 2) must submit a “final” five-year report this year.

All other probationary and tenured faculty currently participating in the RSCA AT program must submit an annual report.

Satisfactory progress relative to the college metrics and the RSCA agenda as demonstrated in the annual, three-year, and final reports is required for award continuation / renewal on an annual basis.

Submission Details

Completed applications and reports (with the exception of RSCA Metric Data) should be compiled into one PDF file and must be submitted electronically to your College Office (see email address below). RSCA Metric Data should be submitted in your college-specific format following your college guidance.

Please use one of the following titles in the subject line of the email: 1) RSCA Assigned Time Registration; 2) RSCA Assigned Time Application; 3) RSCA Assigned Time Annual Report; 4) RSCA Assigned Time Three-Year Report; or RSCA Assigned Time Five-Year Report.

College College Office Email




Health and Human Sciences


Humanities and the Arts




Social Sciences


University Library


Please refer to the RSCA Assigned Time Program Terms and Conditions, as well as the RSCA Assigned Time Program FAQ for answers to common questions. You may also contact officeofresearch@sjsu.edu or your College Associate Dean for Research (or equivalent position) for any questions or further clarification.

* For information on how to obtain an ORCID iD and make your profile and citations public, see orcid.org. If you need assistance, please consult the University Library's ORCID iD webpage.

Intellectual/Creative Property

The funding for this award is provided as “substantial support” for your RSCA and that, under University Intellectual/Creative Property Policy (F98-3 [pdf]) (IP Policy), the University has certain rights to intellectual property resulting from your work under this award. You will abide by the terms of the University IP Policy and cooperate with efforts to protect and promote any intellectual property related to this award. If an invention or discovery is made or a Creative Works is developed, a Disclosure describing the discovery (invention, creative works, or software) shall be prepared and forwarded to the SJSU Office of Innovation.

Conflict of Interest

As an SJSU employee, you are not permitted to have any personal financial interest that would violate California Government Code Section 1090 et seq. or that would result in a Conflict of Interest, as that term is defined in the Political Reform Act, California Government Code Section 81000 et seq. If you receive extramural grant support, you must disclose personal financial interests as required by the laws, regulations, and sponsor/SJSU [pdf] policies governing conflict of interest in research.