Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

San Jose State University (SJSU) recognizes Senate Policy S14-6 as its reference for the humane care and use of animals and for addressing ethical concerns in discussions, evaluations and policy matters regarding the care and use of animals by all individuals at SJSU and its affiliates.

SJSU acknowledges the public debate about the legitimacy, importance and relevance of the ethics of animal care and use.  We recognize that within this debate there are a number of legitimate and responsible perspectives, concerns and unresolved issues that are expressed in various ways.  We, therefore, commit ourselves to be a respectful and responsible party within this on-going public debate.

SJSU recognizes the relevance, value and significance of the ideals of the humane treatment of animals as part of conducting sound scientific research and quality teaching. Therefore, we commit ourselves actively to:  seek satisfactory means that do not entail the use of animals; employ ways that minimize the number of animals used; and earnestly minimize physical and psychological discomfort to the animals associated with our activities.

New Topics

July 2017

The University Animal Care department has established a Media Security Policy (MSP) [docx] for all research, teaching and veterinary personnel to follow with regard to taking and disseminating images and recordings.  This policy is intended to protect the integrity of SJSU research, to assure respect for the privacy and safety interests of faculty, staff and students, and to prevent misleading representation of animal care and use at SJSU and its affiliates.   Direct any questions about this policy to Larry Young, Animal Care Program Manager.