Social Justice

person turns an interactive shape at a library exhibitInclusive Libraries

   ∙  Community-engaged libraries
   ∙  Closing equity gaps
   ∙  Citizen research empowerment
   ∙  Action research

closeup of cesar chavez memorial archCultural Studies
in Action

   ∙  Expression
   ∙  Representation
   ∙  Social interventions
   ∙  Community engagement

teacher sits at low table with child.  activity materials scattered on table, they're both smiling Learning and Development

   ∙  Speech and hearing
   ∙  Language
   ∙  Disability and inclusion
   ∙  Social factors

people work in classroom, putting ideas on whiteboardEmancipatory Education

   ∙  Centering marginalized groups
   ∙  Bilingual teacher readiness
   ∙  Intersectionality
   ∙  New pedagogical frameworks

collage stuck to chain link fence with incarceration-related images and messagesMass Incarceration

   ∙  Past, present carceral practice
   ∙  Penal politics
   ∙  Economics
   ∙  Impactful solutions