Urban Futures

screen showing multiple surveillance video feedsEthical Technology

   ∙  Intentional design
   ∙  Social justice audits
   ∙  Interdisciplinary critiques
   ∙  Emancipatory potential

looking out to ocean from boat cockpit, a screen shows tides with numbersTransportation & Urban Planning

   ∙  Surface transport efficiency
   ∙  Planning for human equity
   ∙  Climate change reduction
   ∙  Nationwide studies, solutions 

people work in foundry with glowing hot project Civic Humanities & Public Arts

   ∙  Civic partnerships
   ∙  Public digital humanities
   ∙  Community empowerment
   ∙  Regional heritage

person stands outside ready to make a statement with a ton of video cameras and reporters aroundPublic Policy

   ∙  Informed governance
   ∙  Diverse policy domains
   ∙  Meeting core values
   ∙  Creating impact, effectiveness

looking over shoulder of person in suit as they point to economic data on screenFinancial Studies

   ∙  New data sources, analytic tools
   ∙  Entrepreneurship
   ∙  Cross-industry insights
   ∙  Financial inclusion