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School of Social Work Director

Peter Allen Lee

BASW Program Director

Sadhna Diwan

MSW Program Director

Soma Sen

School Coordinator and Advisor for the On-Campus MSW & BASW Programs, including Social Work Minors

Asha Thomas

School Coordinator and Advisor for the Online/Hybrid MSW Program

Timothy Nguyen

Field Education Director

Stephanie Ruiz

Assistant Field Education Director and BASW Program Internship Coordinator

Jennifer Chavez Buey

Internship Coordination Support

Deborah Boerbaitz 

Joan Wong 

On-Campus Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) Program Coordinator

Lissette Moore-Guerra
Online-Hybrid Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) Program Coordinator

Jodi Barnum
Santa Clara County PPSC Stipend Program

Post-Masters Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PM-PPSC) Program Coordinator

Omar Zavalza

PM-PPSC Program Assistant Coordinator

Cynthia Figueroa

Spanish Language Counseling Certificate

Migdalia Reyes

Gerontology Certificate

Sadhna Diwan

Title IV-E Child Welfare Training and Stipend Program Project Coordinator

Amy Lebichuck

Title IV-E Assistant Project Coordinator

Sergio Serna

Grant Project Coordinators

Erin Osanna Barba

Public Behavioral Health (PBH) Training and Stipend Program

Maria Ciriaco

Adult Protective Services (APS) Training and Stipend Program

Matthew Breaux

Office Staff

Janis Wright
Department Resource Analyst

Hiba Ahmed
Administrative Analyst

Evelynn Chan
Administrative Support Coordinator I

Sandy Amaral
Administrative Support Coordinator II - Field Education

Maria Zuniga Montejano
Title IV-E Administrative Assistant

Student Assistants

Nicholas Do

Kateleen Vang

Jonathan Luc

Ashley Paola Quintanilla - Social Media, Web & Communications