Dr. Thomas and Class of 2022 Graduates

Welcome to the School of Social Work!

With a variety of educational programs located in the vibrant, diverse and dynamic environment of Silicon Valley, the School provides a community-engaged academic experience at an outstanding value.

A Program Format that Fits your Life

The School offers a variety of educational programs to meet the needs of our diverse student body. In addition to our on-campus full time MSW program, we also offer an on-campus 3 year option for the MSW, and an Online/Hybrid MSW option. Undergraduate students can major in Social Work with the BASW program, or obtain a minor in Social Work. All of our programs are fully accredited.

Stipends and Credentials

There are numerous opportunities to expand your learning through our certificate, credential and stipend programs.

Stipend Programs

Stipends provide funding to students who commit to employment in certain social service arenas such as child welfare, adult protective services, and mental health.

Certificates and Credentials

Certificates and credentials provide specialized training in a variety of areas, enhancing your marketability.

Engaged Faculty

Our tenured and tenure-track faculty members bring diverse practice backgrounds and strong research training to their commitment to the School and to student success. Part-time instructors from the community bring their knowledge of current practice environments and issues to the classroom.

diagram depicting elements of community enagement

Community Partnerships

The School is proud to partner with numerous organizations in the community. Many faculty engage in research projects in partnership with community-based agencies. Students often participate in these projects, helping to identify research needs, collect and analyze data, and disseminate findings. Students discover the importance of research in solving real problems facing individuals, families, and communities, as well as the organizations that serve them.

Diversity - our Transcultural Perspective

In addition to being situated in one of the most diverse cities in America, a unique feature of the School of Social Work at San José State University is its commitment to using and promoting a Transcultural Perspective throughout the curriculum [see Drabble, Sen & Oppenheimer (2012). Integrating a Transcultural Perspective into the Social Work Curriculum. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 32, 204-221]. This perspective honors the strengths of diverse cultures, enhances the well-being of individuals and families, and advocates for social and economic justice. Many of our faculty bring an international perspective to their teaching and research.

Global Experiences and Influences

The School is committed to offering global experiences at the local and international levels. A wide range of internships are located in a variety of communities throughout the Bay Area that serve diverse populations. In addition, the School offers educational experiences in various parts of the world through summer faculty-led travel and learn opportunities.