Spanish Language Counseling Certificate

This credential is for BASW and MSW students demonstrating advanced levels of Spanish language proficiency and social work practice skills. There are two ways of obtaining the certificate: (1) taking ScWk 224, an elective course that uses cultural, linguistic competencies, and social work skills in the delivery of services to Latino client systems; (2) taking an exam (offered near the time of graduation).  For more information, please contact Dr. Migdalia Reyes at Migdalia.Reyes@sjsu.edu.

Certificate in Gerontology

(In partnership with the SJSU Gerontology Program)
Currently our Gerontology Certificate Program is being redesigned.  The usual requirements would include: ScWk 250, ScWk 251, Gero 260, Gero elective course, and a second year internship in an aging-focused services agency.  If you are interested in the Certificate in Gerontology, please contact the School of Social Work via SocialWork@sjsu.edu and put "Gero Certificate Questions" in the subject line.