Certificates and Credentials


*Application Information for Post-Masters PPSC Program Available Below, Including the NEW CWA-Only Program *

The following certificates and credential are available for current SJSU MSW Students and/or Post-MSW Students who meet specified requirements.  Those interested should contact SJSU or the designated representative regarding their particular interest. Please note the respective deadlines posted per program.

CWA-Only (Child Welfare and Attendance) Program

CTC guidelines will be changing next summer, requiring all Social Work Field Instructors to have their Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) authorization in order to supervise PPSC MSW and Post-Masters interns who will be working with interns/students pursuing their CWA credential. Additionally, schools are facing increasing challenges with student attendance and need the expertise of social workers in addressing these issues. If you have your Social work PPSC but have not received your CWA authorization this program is designed for you. 

Please refer to the following documents for more information and the application process:

a) CWA-Only Program - Application Process [pdf]
b) CWA-Only Program - Application [pdf]

- Application deadline for Spring 2023 is October 21st, 2022.

- We expect future application periods will also be offered, and will follow the PPSC application deadlines, listed below.

Contact us through the Social Work Post-Masters Mailbox:

Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC)

Graduates of our PPSC programs will qualify to be credentialed as school social workers by the state of California. This PPSC is only valid in California. The PPSC is obtained in School Social Work with an option of attaining a secondary credential in Child Welfare and Attendance. The curriculum model includes two 10-week courses, offered either consecutively or concurrently, and additional field units and internship in an approved PPSC program school setting.  All other PPSC Program and state CTC requirements must also be met. 

There are two ways the Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) is offered at SJSU's School of Social Work:

(1) Current SJSU MSW Students in the On-Campus MSW Program.

The PPSC may be obtained by current SJSU MSW students in the On-Campus MSW Program who complete the necessary courses and internship, pass the CBEST, and who meet the PPSC program requirements. Students must accept placement in an approved PPSC program school setting for their second year practicum. If you are a current SJSU On-Campus MSW Program student interested in earning a PPSC, please contact the Field Education office.

(2)  Post-Masters, School of Social Work Program.

The School of Social Work is proud to offer an Online Post-Masters Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PM-PPSC) Program. Students in this program must already have an MSW from an accredited social work program.  We are not currently accepting applicants with master's degrees from other fields (i.e., MFTs, MAs, etc.).

* The application deadline is October 21st, 2022, for our upcoming Spring 2023 session with courses starting late January 2023.
Please submit all documents electronically to: socialwork-post-masters@sjsu.edu.


Please refer to the following documents:

a) Post-Masters PPSC Program Application Process
b) Post-Masters PPSC Application Form
c) Post-Masters PPSC Application Checklist
d) Post-Master Field Hours Verification Form
e) Post-Master Field Instructor Student Evaluation Form
f) Post-Masters PPSC Program Manual
g) Post-Masters PPSC FAQs 

The curriculum model includes two 10-week courses, offered either consecutively or concurrently, and additional field units and internship in an approved PPSC program school setting. All other PPSC Program and state CTC requirements must also be met.

Please check periodically for the stated application opening periods, for updates and active links for application information.

We expect that future application periods will also be offered:
- October 21st application deadline for Spring 23 session
- April 7th application deadline for Summer 23 session
- July 7th application deadline for Fall 23 session 
- Please stay in touch for updated application deadlines for future sessions

For questions specific to the Post-Masters PPSC Program, please send an email to: socialwork-post-masters@sjsu.edu.

Spanish Language Counseling Certificate

This credential is for BASW and MSW students demonstrating advanced levels of Spanish language proficiency and social work practice skills. There are two ways of obtaining the certificate: (1) taking ScWk 224, an elective course that uses cultural, linguistic competencies, and social work skills in the delivery of services to Latino client systems; (2) taking an exam (offered near the time of graduation).  For more information, please contact Dr. Migdalia Reyes at Migdalia.Reyes@sjsu.edu.

Certificate in Gerontology
(In partnership with the SJSU Gerontology Program)

Currently our Gerontology Certificate Program is being redesigned.  The usual requirements would include: ScWk 250, ScWk 251, Gero 260, Gero elective course, and a second year internship in an aging-focused services agency.  If you are interested in the Certificate in Gerontology, please contact the School of Social Work via SocialWork@sjsu.edu and put "Gero Certificate Questions" in the subject line.

Post-MSW Social Work Licensure

Students graduating with an MSW degree from an accredited social work program are eligible to accrue hours towards the LCSW, ACSW, and other social work licenses. Hours obtained prior to obtaining your MSW degree (e.g., practicum, paid, and/or volunteer experience) do not count towards licensure.

Please visit the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) for more information on the LCSW: https://www.bbs.ca.gov/applicants/lcsw.html