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Culturally Oriented Community Resources


Alcohol/Substance Use

Childcare Resources

Counseling Resources- Sliding Scale and Low Fee

 Credit/Financial Management Resources

Dental Care Resources

Disability Related Resources

  Disasters and Traumatic Events

Eating Disorders

Financial Assistance

Food Resources

Foster Youth Resources

Grief & Life-Threatening Illness

Health Insurance Resources

Healthcare Related Resources

HIV/AIDS Resources

Homelessness & Low Income Housing Resources

Immigration and AB540 Student Resources

Intimate Partner Violence Resources

Legal Resources

Sexual Assault Resources

Suicide Prevention and Response Resources

Traumatic Brain Injury

Veterans Resources

Vision Care Resources

Culturally Oriented Community Resources

African American Community Information

Asian American, Pacific Islander Community Information

Latino/a/Chicano/a Community Information

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Community Information


Hotline Phone #: 1-855-278-4204 (Toll-free) (All Santa Clara County)
Phone: (650) 494-8420 ( North County - Toll Free)
Phone: (408) 683-2482 ( South County - Toll Free)

After-Hours Advice Nurse