Disbursement Policy

Disbursement of funds begins on a weekly basis, starting the first week of the semester. Financial aid funds will apply to student's account and pay any outstanding fees owed to the university. Financial aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment requirement

Students are encouraged to enroll in Direct Deposit for faster delivery of refunds. Information on how to sign up is found on the Bursar's Office Direct Deposit web page. Students not enrolling in direct deposit should keep their mailing address current in MySJSU.

Disbursement may be held for several reasons, such as:

Dropping Units after Disbursement of Aid

Students may be required to repay a portion, or all, of their financial aid if units are dropped or are not at the minimum unit level of financial aid eligibility. Federal and state regulations does not permit students to receive aid which exceeds their financial aid eligibility. The repayment amount will be determined after the add/drop period has ended. Students are required to repay aid for which they are determined to be ineligible.

Example: If you received aid as a full-time student and then drop units, you will most likely be required to repay a portion of the funds.

Cal Grant B Disbursement

For students receiving a Cal Grant B, the stipend portion will be used to pay outstanding university charges unless you have made alternative arrangements with the Bursar's Office. Students may request a refund for any portion of their financial aid funds that apply to University debts unrelated to registration fees or University Housing.