Rise Above

Spartan Superway is a student project at SJSU that is actively developing the solution for our transportation issues. Every year a new group of students joins the project to contribute to a more sustainable future.

What is Superway?

The Ride of the Future is Here

Rendering of campus network.

North-South Campus Network

Spartan Superway is currently implementing a Pilot Project on-campus that would see a full-scale model running from North Campus to South Campus

Students and faculty work on podcar prototype.

INIST Library

The INIST library is the archive that contains detailed reports of Spartan Superway since its inception.

Students working together on a project.

Spartan Superway Blog

The Spartan Superway Blog consists of detailed tasks and progress for each respective team.


Large group of former SMSSV students.

Current Teams and Alumni

Visit our Development page to learn more about current students and alumni that made this project possible.

Meet Our Current Teams


Student engineer works on bogie prototype.

The Spartan Superway Club

Watch this video to see the future of Spartan Superway and its current progress!

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