Human-Centered Design Team

The Human-Centered Design Team is putting the user experience at the forefront of design considerations for the ATN. We aim to ensure that our public transit solution provides a superior ridership experience and is able to be used efficiently by all members of the population so that it is as universally accessible as possible. Our team is made up of Mechanical Engineering students and mentored by a Human-Centered designer. We are dedicated to understanding our users and prototyping the user experience to inform the design of both the station and cabin teams. Our goal for the semester is to identify user needs and requirements based on research and priorities we identify by conducting one-on-one interviews and surveys.

User Survey Results

What do people think about Podcars? Infographic

What do people think about Podcars as Public Transportation?
A user survey by the Spartan Superway at San Jose State University. Take in look at this public transit system; it is an automated, nonstop, suspended pod system, for 1 to 4 people at a time that runs on solar energy. It is called an ATN and is a technology that has been around for many years and is used in many other countries.
To gather insight from our potential users, people were shown an image like the one to the left and given the above description, then asked a series of questions about ATN technology and public teanspirtation. Demographics: 45% female, 55% male. 66% own a car. 82% don't own a home. 44% take public transit every day, 22 1-2 times a week, and 32% rarely ride public transit.
Have you ever heard at this type of system? No 78%; Yes 22%
What's your first impression? Futuristic. Great long-term investment. Scary because of the height. Obviously effective in cities, what about suburbs? Cool . Like a ride at disneyland. Innovative and exciting. Looks like fun. A lot of infrastructure to maintian and build. How will they fit that around here. Pretty awesome as a new solution to transportation using highter ground for more space, hopefully government will pursue this technology. Wow, like Star Trek. Different than anything I've seen. Seems efficient. Looks expensive. Like a skilift/airport. Futuristic, Why hasn't the US adopted this? Convienient. Love a system using renewable energy. Don't like that it's automated.
Would you feel comfortable riding in a suspended vehicle like this one?No 10% YES 86%
How do you feel about having a rail system above the street? Don't mind it it's made to be as safe as possible. could fall, l'll have to look left, right, and up. Doesn't bother me. I love riding in trains where I can see the scenery below me. I think it's the future. Convenient and fast. Great idea, won't interrupt traffic below. I like that it's accommodating of an existing buildings and roads. Needs to be super reliable. Cool and futuristic. Blocks the view for everyone. Looks like it would fit downtown but I don't know about having it near my apartment. Not good, having it up there is inconvenient for pecple living close to the rail. It would provide a nice view ot the city. Scared.
If it were more reliable, efficient, and fast than current public transit, would you be willing to support the building of it with an increase in taxes? Yes 67% No 23% Maybe 8% Other 2%
How comfortable would you be using on automated public transportation system? Very comfortable since BART trains practically drive themselves alreody.
ATNs at that height don't look like they'd hit anyone on the road like cars or buses. I've used it already at an airport. Very comfortable as long as there are emergency precautions. I feel like there would be potential for various criminal activities in side the cars. People are unpredictable and anything can happen. A little skeptical, I'd like to see proof.