RIoT 2020-2021

Jacob Villanueva

Jacob Villanueva, 2020-2021 RIoT Team MemberMy name is Jacob Villanueva and I am focusing on mechatronic systems design in mechanical engineering. I became a mechanical engineer because I see it as an opportunity to promote the health and safety of society through the things I create. I want to work with HVAC systems to improve the quality of life for everyone and hope to take part in the development of zero-net-energy buildings. As a freshman, joining the Society of Automotive Engineers and participating in the Mini-Baja competition introduced me to some of the challenges that I would face as an engineer. After becoming a co-coordinator for the Engineering Ambassador Program, during which I coordinated outreach events with K-12 schools in my spare time, I realized the work we do now is important to expose students to engineering and possibly inspire the next generation of engineers. Spartan Superway may seem to be far from my goal as an HVAC engineer, but I joined the project because of my hope to improve the quality of life for everyone. I believe the work we do in Spartan Superway is challenging but necessary to inspire the rest of the world to push with us towards a healthier way of life.

Pedro Serenini

Pedro Serenini, 2020-2021 RIoT Team MemberPedro is a senior Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Business at San José State. Born in Brazil, he came to the United States of America to pursue his dream of a higher education. The main reason he go into engineering was to help develop and build the future. He believes the Spartan Superway project could help build the future of public transportation.

Phuc Tran

Phuc Tran, 2020-2021 RIoT Team MemberPhuc is a senior studying mechanical engineering with a focus in mechatronics at San José State University. The decision to focus in mechatronic design came from his interest in robotics and automatic control systems. He joined the Spartan Superway project because he has an interest in improving public transportation to achieve sustainability. Phuc is determined to improve the Spartan Superway’s current work and design so that the automated transit network system will benefit society and the environment.

Yit Voon Yap

Yit Voon Yap, 2020-2021 RIoT Team MemberYit is currently a senior in the Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) at SJSU. Yit specializes in 3D printing, Finite Element Analysis, and Mechatronics to resolve design related problems. With his specialties on Mechatronics field of study, he urged to contribute to the Spartan Superway project to design a functional dashboard, control panel and data communication system. In this project, he also seeks to develop a better understand on IoT related techniques and knowledge.