North - South Campus Network

A team of researchers*, under support from the Mineta Transportation Institute, are investigating the feasibility of a solar-powered automated transportation network system that will connect the North and South Campuses of SJSU.

The team has proposed an initial network with three stations: at the North, located between the 7th St. parking garage and Duncan Hall; at the South, located near the new parking facility on Alma St.; and a station between the North and South campuses located at the corner of E. Reed St. and South 2nd St.

Project Objectives

  1. Determine the feasibility of using solar photovoltaic panels attached to the guideways to completely power the system and define the energy storage requirements for the proposed network.
  2. Develop realistic, compelling visual depictions of what the North-South campus network and its stations will be like and describe how users will use it.

Content made on Kapwing

Video of Station Renderings

Area Model of Roadmap

Aerial Rendering of Station 2

Campus Station Renders

Rendering of Spartan Superway Guideway

Rendering of Station 1

Rendering of loading dock where passengers enter pod.

Rendering of the view of station at night.

Podcar Cabin Renders 

Podcar Rendering

Rendering of Passengers Boarding Podcar

Rendering of Passengers Boarding and Exiting Podcar

Research Team

* The team includes:

  • Burford Furman, PI, Professor, SJSU Mechanical Engineering
  • Ron Swenson, Executive Director, International Institute of Sustainable Transportation
  • Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Chair of SJSU Urban and Regional Planning
  • Yu Chiao, MS student, SJSU Urban and Regional Planning
  • Jack Fogelquist, PhD student, UC Davis Mechanical Engineering
  • Jorge Rodriguez, Founder/CEO Rodzmaz
  • Shannon McDonald, Professor, Architecture, Southern Illinois University
  • Alex Pape, MS student, Architecture, Southern Illinois University
  • Adam Poon, MS student, Architecture, Southern Illinois University
  • Mario Cruz
  • Juan Antonio Islas
  • Arturo Millan
  • César Pérez
  • Elena Casas
  • Juan Mendez
  • Ian Shafer
  • Pepe Padilla