2015-2016 Team Members

2015 - 2016 Team

Team Members

Mark Acoba

Mark Acoba, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberMark is currently a senior in the BSME program at San José State University. Pursuing a bachelor's of science in mechanical engineering, Mark seeks to develop solutions for everyday problems in the world we live in. With an emphasis in design, he hopes to contribute to the Spartan Superway to help design and improve current work on the PRT (Personal Rapid Transport) system. Mark also enjoys working on cars and playing sports.

Cassie Acosta

Cassie Acosta, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberCassie a senior studying Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Mechanical Design and a minor in Business at San José State University. The main reason she got into engineering was to give back to her community. She was drawn to the Spartan Superway because it is a project that will help improve public transportation and be eco-friendly; to her, it feels like a project that gives back in two-fold.

Kenneth Aganon

Kenneth Aganon, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberKenneth is a student currently attending San José State University. He is in his 5th year earning his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus in Mechatronics. He is more than excited to be a part of the Spartan Superway project. One of the things that primarily drew him to this project was the idea of creating something much larger than himself. Seeing the importance of sustainability in today's world, he found the Spartan Superway as a perfect opportunity to contribute to a global solution. In the summer of 2015, Kenneth was a Design Intern at Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company in Hollister, CA. Through his internship, he gained exposure to various concepts of design, primarily through failure investigations of the products manufactured there. He was able to grasp the concept of what it means to improve a product. With the combination of experience and material that he has learned throughout his academic career, he feel that he has a lot to offer for the Spartan Superway!

Rebecca Alvarez

Rebecca Alvarez, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberRebecca is currently finishing up dual-degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Anthropology at SJSU. Her two main focuses are in design and culture, because both compliment each other. Participating in the Spartan Superway project, she felt that it could encompass both areas of her studies. Rebeccas's engineering knowledge will help her analyze, calculate, and improve functions of the Superway. Implementing anthropological techniques, she will be able to find and integrate the needs of the people (culture) whom will be using the Superway one day. Getting involved with the Superway also interested her because she has been using public transportation for over 21 years, finding a way to improve this system would benefit society and the environment.

Enkhjin Baasandorj

Enkhjin Baasandorj, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberNJ is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University. He has joined the Active Suspension Team, for the Spartan Superway Project. He has always been enthusiastic about off road vehicles, specifically lifting and increasing the suspension travel, while keeping the vehicle balanced. When the opportunity arose to be involved in the active suspension design and fabricating, he jumped on board right away! This project has presented a big opportunity to improve and challenge his skills in CAD, and ANSYS software programs, as well as making new friends, and developing stronger communication skills. Based on the experience he acquires through working on this project, he hopes to further his knowledge and gain essential skills to get into the automotive industry. Overall, he is very excited to be on this team, and working with everyone involved in it.

Ali Bootwala

Ali Bootwala, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberAli is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering with a capstone in Mechatronics. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and lives in South San José. With his capstone in Mechatronics, I hope to ensure passenger safety with the collision aversion hardware/software and see how to make the Superway a convenient mode of transportation for people to use everyday. He also would like to improve the small scale track to make the passenger car move smoothly around corners. In his free time, Ali likes to watch basketball, football, and listen to music.

Tyler Broder

Tyler Broder, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberTyler is a senior mechanical engineering major with a focus in mechanical design at SJSU. He is a car/motorcycle enthusiast and has always had an interest in transportation as long as it has a motor, which is what drew him closer to becoming a member of the Spartan Superway project. Being a part of a team that is focusing on the future of public transportation fascinated him, as there currently are no automated transit networks as sophisticated as the current project at SJSU. Tyler looks forward to bringing his engineering and leadership skills to the project and hopefully creating new work that will gain the interest of others in the transportation field along with the public. Tyler senes the challenge for the upcoming year, but he knows it will be very rewarding.

Wade Brown

Wade Brown, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberWade is an MSME student at SJSU. He will be working under Dr. Furman and in conjunction with the Spartan Superway team for his thesis. Because his long term career goals are to specialize in mechatronics and automation, he was drawn to the Superway project for his graduate thesis as a way to further his knowledge in this area and to support development of a unique form of alternative transportation. His thesis topic will be developing a novel asynchronous controller for the pod cars based on tools from autonomous vehicles and robotics research. Additionally, although he will be working somewhat independently from the rest of the undergraduate Superway team due to the nature of his project, he is excited to see if there can be any knowledge exchange between his work and the rest of the team. When Wade has free time from working or from school, he enjoys hiking around various trails in the Bay Area.

Jeffrey Chau

Jeffrey Chau, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberJeffrey is one of the members in the 2015 ME 195 Superway Team. He is majoring in mechanical engineering in San José State University and his focusing discipline is mechanical design. Jeffrey's anticipated graduation is in June 2016. He was an international student from Hong Kong before he transferred to SJSU. He is interested in automobile repair, learning to play the piano, and other musical instruments. After Jeffrey graduated, he would like to pursue a career in mechanical engineering or manufacturing field.

David Chen

David Chen, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberDavid is a senior Mechanical engineering student at San José State University with a focus on mechatronics and mechatronic systems. He is a member of several clubs at SJSU which include Pi Tau Sigma Honorary Mechanical Engineering Society, Association for Facilities Engineering, and American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers. David chose to join the Spartan Superway team because it gives the unique opportunity to work on something that has the potential to make a big difference in the way people use public transportation.

Aaron Cheng

Aaron Cheng, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberAaron is a senior Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University. He choose to work on the Spartan Superway because he saw a system that can potentially change the future of transportation. For his senior project, he has chosen to work on the fail safe mechanism on the Spartan Superway. Aaron's interests include automotive/transportation, mechanical mechanisms, hydraulics, and suspension. In his free time he likes to work on cars and spend time with friends and family. Aaron hopes to accomplish something amazing this year.

David DeOcampo

David DeOcampo, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberDavid is a senior mechanical engineering major with an emphasis in mechanical design at SJSU. His favorite hobbies are working out and cooking. The Spartan Superway project drew his interests because of how the project can improve public transportation. David's social and engineering skills will help make this project successful.

Christopher Fong

Christopher Fong, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberChristopher Fong is a senior at San José State University, and is pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree with a focus in Mechatronics. He has a diverse work history, and is currently driving for Lyft (an SF based transportation network). Outside of work and school, he enjoys learning and playing with CAD software and programming languages. In 2011, he received his Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts by planning and leading the installation of a new sign for a community church. Even outside of scouts he enjoys camping and fishing, and his love for the outdoors is the main reason he joined the SMSSV project. Looking forward, he hopes to pursue a career in biomedical technology, but also has a strong interest in sustainable energy as well as robotics.

Dale Franklin

Dale Franklin, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberDale Franklin is a Senior at San José State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. His interest in efficiency and automobiles led him to join the Spartan Superway as his senior project. Dale feels confident working in a team, leading when necessary but always open to new points of view and input. Outside of academics, Dale enjoys the outdoors which probably contributes to his desire to create sustainable methodologies.

Scott Garfield

Scott Garfield, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberScott is a graduating senior pursuing a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Design at San José State University. Ever since he was a child, he has had a strong passion for motorsports. He is constantly observing how the technology in both passenger cars and race cars has improved over the years. This passion is what decided his degree path and the kind of work he is passionate for. When he saw how the Spartan Superway is not only a solution to a worldwide transportation problem but also the completely new mode of transportation, he became immediately attracted to it. Scott hopes to use the vast knowledge that he has gained from his passion for motorsports to help make this transportation system a reality.

Garrett Gemmel

Garrett Gemmel, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberGarrett is a Mechanical Engineering Senior with a focus in Mechatronics. He is currently enrolled at San José State University. He has always loved building things and taking them apart. When Garrett was young, he started taking toys apart to see how they worked; if they were broken, he would try to fix them. To this day, he is doing the same thing, but now if something is broken and he cannot fix it, he will get his soldering gun and start taking parts out that he needs for other projects. This is where his passion for engineering came from. He has always been interested in mechanics and electronics, that is why he is focusing in Mechatronics, and that is why he wanted to go with the small (1/12) scale model on the Spartan Superway Project.

Nasrat Haidari

Nasrat Haidari, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberHasrat is a senior BSME major at San José State University with a concentration in Mechatronics. He has transferred from Chabot Community College. Nasrat has been involved in various projects throughout his educational journey such as: automatic wave tank agitating system, optical keyboard, and recently in fruit peeler and cutter. He has a great interest in making everyday life better and he believes the Spartan Superway serves that purpose. The project is environment friendly and focuses on bringing transportation system to a next level for the ease of everyday commute. His field of interest in this project is to work on small scale model, more particularly in the implementation of solar power and improvements of a control unit.

Mitch Hatfield

Mitch Hatfield, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberMitch Hatfield is working with the solar team to create a power interface that will supply power to the podcars.

Bryan Ho

Bryan Ho, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberBryan is a senior BSME student in San José State University with a concentration on Mechatronics. He is interested in big community projects like Spartan Superway. As an international student from Hong Kong, he see many improvements need in current public transportation in California. In this project, he hope to contribute to show the whole design of the bogie in the small scale model. He enjoys playing computer games and sports.

Matt Holst

Matthew Holst, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberMatt is currently a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering at San José State University. His main area of study is analog circuit design, but he is also very interested in electrical power systems, specifically utilizing renewable resources and "green" energy. Matt is excited to be working on the Spartan Superway as part of a multidisciplinary team of engineers dedicated to renewable energy and sustainability. He is currently working with several other Electrical Engineering students alongside the Wayside Power Team and Solar Team to design an electrical interface to integrate solar power into the 1:12 and 1:4 scale models.

Michael Hurst

Michael Hurst, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberMichael is in the mechatronics focus area for mechanical engineering at SJSU and plans to work on the scale model of the Spartan Superway. He has attended the senior project presentations for the Superway the past few years and he am excited to finally be able to contribute. Some of his professional interests include transportation, sustainability, STEM education, aerospace, medical systems, and controls. In Michael's free time, he likes to rock climb, mountain bike, and make things with his hands.

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberIan is a Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University who is concentrating in design. Some of his hobbies include hiking, video games, skateboarding and playing music. He is also Buddhist, which is a major part of his life. Ian decided to join Spartan Superway because he want to help build a sustainable future in America. More and more people are continuing to move to the Bay Area, making traffic and air pollution worse and worse. Spartan Superway is an elegant and innovative transportation system that will get people off the streets and into the skies!

Chin Ming Lui

Chin Ming Lui, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberChin is a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on mechanical design. He joined SMSSV because of my big interest in vehicles and find it to be a great opportunity to explore new transportation concepts to help improve the current infrastructure. Having a previous internship at Zeta Instruments, a company specialized in designing and building optical profilers, he has acquired invaluable hands-on experience in assembling and calibrating systems, and modifying parts. The SMSSV project will provide an exciting opportunity for him to utilize his skills gained from academics and internship to the fullest. Furthermore, being part of SMSSV allows him to improve his networking with other people and gain more experience in design and machining. During his free time, he enjoys bowling, listening to music, keeping up with the latest car news, and spending time with family and friends.

David Luo

David Luo, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberDavid is a senior Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University with a focus in Mechatronics. Robots and cars has always been an interest to him. He is a big advocate in learning more about transportation and helping people. David can contribute towards creating a sustainable automated transit network that can alleviate the problems we face when dealing with transportation on a daily basis. Some of his professional interests are but not limit to: automation, sustainability, and controls. He looks forward to making a contribution to Spartan Superway by building onto the work of previous teams and by working with his current teammates to improve the project as a whole, but most importantly, gain valuable experiences while making fond memories.

Steven Luong

Steven Luong, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberSteven Luong is a student at San José State University (SJSU) majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Steven is part of the bogie team. He chose to work on the Spartan Superway because he is primarily interested in working on the fail safe mechanism and learning more about Mechanical Design. Steven has gone to Taiwan with the program called Global Technology Initiative (GTI), where he got to explore industrial sites and work with international students. The experience gave him the opportunity learn more about working with others as well as overcoming obstacles like language barriers and cultural differences. Steven has worked with the SJSU Admissions Office for the past year and helps record documents into the school system. Outside of his academic life, Steven enjoys watching television, light reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Mehnaz Mahbub

Mehnaz Mahbub, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberMehnaz came to the USA from Bangladesh to pursue her dream of higher education. She received her Associate Degree from Riverside Community College, and transferred to SJSU to finish a BS in Electrical Engineering. She is a member of the Electrical Team overseeing the power supply and management for the Spartan Superway project. With the sound knowledge of circuit design, strong background in Mathematics, and the experience from various projects dealing with power and solar energy, she hopes to contribute to this project in a meaningful way. Her passion and admiration for Math was her first motivation to pursue engineering. Someday, she hopes to join the most esteemed team of engineers of the world and be a part of the glorious journey of technological advancement of mankind.

Dianna Man

Dianna Man, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberDianna is a senior BSME major with a concentration in Thermal/Fluids at San José State University. She is interested in working on projects that helps the environment and fight climate change, which is why she became very interested by the Spartan Superway project. The Spartan Superway is a solar powered Automated Transit Network (ATN). ATNs have existed around the world, but there is not one that is solar powered and sustainable. She invisions the Spartan Superway as a great potential for the future of transportation. Dianna plans on working on the Small Scale Model integrating the solar panels into the railing of the system.

Christopher McCormick

Christopher McCormick, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberChristopher is a senior BSME student at SJSU and untested as a professional engineer. He joined the Spartan Superway project hoping to contribute to the mechanical design of one of the most important projects presented to the senior class. He brings to the project leadership and communication skills learned as an Eagle Scout as well as everything he has learned in mechanical engineering classes at SJSU.

Matthew Menezes

Matthew Menezes, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberMatthew is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student at SJSU with a focus in Mechanical Design (or maybe mechatronics, he still hasn't decided). He was born and raised in the Bay Area, and went to Las Positas Community College before transferring to San José State. Growing up, he was always the kind of kid who loved to tinker with old things around the house, take things apart and see how they worked. As soon as he was old enough, he started to work on anything that moved; bikes, scooters, Go-Peds, and then eventually cars and trucks. He has always been passionate about (maybe obsessed) with working, fixing, and modifying vehicles. He feels that this is what drove to me toward wanting to become a mechanical engineer. Now that Matthew is beginning Senior Project, he is eager to take what practical skills he has and apply them toward a great, forward-thinking, community minded project that is Spartan Superway. The active suspension facet of this project interested him the most, probably due to the fact that it is a team that will need to do extensive mechanical designing likely coupled with mechatronic controls. He expects that working on this project will give him invaluable experience in many forms, such as working in a team/communicating across many other groups to come to a common goal (as will likely be the case in the real world). He hopes to use his strengths to better the team, and learn from others where he needs to improve.

Thang Ngo

Thang Ngo, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberThang is a senior in Mechanical Engineer Student at San José State. His concentration is designing and he is looking forward to work on the Spartan Superway project. He finds this project is very important in the future of public transportation since it provides a unique way of commuting at convenience of passengers. He would like to use his knowledge in vibration & control, heat transfer, dynamics and mechanical design in building this project. His favorite hobbies are playing sports, listening to music and practicing martial arts.

Thomas Nguyen

Thomas Nguyen, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberThomas is currently studying mechanical engineering at San José State University with a focus in mechatronics. He will be working on the scale model of the Spartan Superway project. Thomas is particularly interested in the controls, bogey fail safe mechanism, and collision prevention between the cars. Outside of school, Thomas likes to read comic books, rock climb, and playing video games.

Lucas Peterson

Lucas Peterson, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberLucas is currently a senior at San José State University pursuing a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering. As part of the 2015 Spartan Superway team, Lucas hopes to be involved in the development and the production of a fail safe in the case of disaster. One of the reasons he chose to be with the fail safe design is because he wanted to start fresh with a design aspect. He wants to help design a fail safe form the ground up through all levels of the design process. Another reason he became interested in this project is because he is very interested in the future of public transportation and solar power. Lucas has taken the bus to campus all four years so far, and another viable transportation option is always welcome. In his free time, he enjoys video games (CS:GO, League of Legends), reading (Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction), and general outdoor activities. He hopes to become more involved in the Table Top Gaming club on campus.

Uday Ranjeet

Uday Ranjeet, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberUday is a senior in Mechanical Engineering at SJSU, concentrating on thermal system design. He transferred to SJSU from De Anza/Foothill on fall 2103. The versatility of the Spartan Superway drew him towards this project. Uday is looking forward to imply his knowledge and skills that he has learned and gained previously, on this project and help to make a proper modification to the Spartan Superway. Beside engineering, he is a sports fanatic and loves to travel to new places and explore the scenic views.

David Paul Yap Sales

David Paul Yap Sales, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberDavid is a senior BSME major student at San José State University with a concentration in Mechanical Design. He has been involved in multiple class projects in the past; from making a small Laser Harp to a more recent Fruit Peeler and Cutter. This year, he decided to join the Spartan Superway team because he saw it had the potential to create a positive impact in society, and he wanted to be part of a bigger team who are serious and dedicated in providing a possible solution for our daily transportation problems. David is planning to join the Small Scale Model team for the project because he wants to help improve the structure and integrity of the tracks to provide a fully-functional visual representation of the Autonomous Transit Network (ATN) that the previous teams have tried to create and present for the public.

Ivan Servin

Ivan Servin, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberIvan is a senior in mechanical engineering at SJSU with a focus on machine design. He choose design because as a kid, Ivan was always interested in how things were made. He would often result in taking items apart to help him understand the design of it. As far as hobbies go, Ivan really enjoys physical activities, cooking, watching football, and hanging out with friends. He choose to join the Spartan Superway because he really felt like this one is a great alternative to current transportations. Also because he commuted from Santa Cruz all last year, he knows the effects that traffic and accidents can have on your commute.

Karmjot Singh

Karmjot Singh, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberKarmjot is a graduating senior at San José State University in the Mechanical Engineering program with an emphasis in the area of Thermal Systems. However, he also carries high interest and skills in the area of mechanical design and mechatronics. Prior to joining this project, he has worked on several course related projects where he was able to apply theoretical concepts from classes into designing something. Moreover, Karmjot has also interned with Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on the Warm Springs Extension Project in Fremont. From the internship, he was able to explore many applications pertaining to multi-engineering disciplines. He joined the Spartan Superway project because he wanted to contribute his skills and knowledge into creating something that would help the society and our environment. The Spartan Superway has the potential to help people commute around urbanized cities like San José without having to take on stress from the traffic. Also, the Spartan Superway would help the environment by using solar energy which would save the environment from pollutions to a certain degree.

Gus Soucy

Gus Soucy, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberAugustine Soucy is a Senior in the BSME program at San José State University involved in the SMSSV project as the Solar Team Lead. As a local from the South Bay and Santa Cruz area the idea of more efficient and effective public transit piqued interest with him when first discovering the Superway project. He hopes to bring a positive attitude and logical thought process to the project and improve on the many ideas left by previous participants of the project. With a background in HVAC, CAD, and fabrication, branching out into Solar research and development should provide ample challenge and a rewarding experience. He chose the Solar aspect of this project because it is one of the main components that will make the system more efficient and revolutionary, but it seems to have been neglected although it is a linchpin of the project.

Kenny Strickland

Kenny Strickland, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberKenny Strickland is a Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University. His childhood passion was backpacking and enjoying the outdoors with his Boy Scout Troop. It wasn't until he took Marine Biology during his last year of high school where he learned about the impacts of human existence on the ecosystem, and its natural resources. He joined the Spartan Superway team and is excited to be working on a sustainable and needed transportation revelation. He will be working on the small scale track to demonstrate the automated transit network. He will also be serving as the SMSSV club treasurer.

Ivan Tapia

Ivan Tapia, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberIvan is currently pursuing his BSME at San José State University. He is currently a senior and for his senior project he will be working on the Spartan Superway. Ivan has an extensive background in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and some shop work experience as well. He has worked for JM Construction and Engineering and Walters and Wolf in which he developed CAD drawings for shop fabrication. He also worked as part of a takeoff group in which he had to coordinate with project managers and project coordinators to achieve a common goal and meet deadlines. Ivan is excited to work on the Spartan Superway because it has potential to be something great in our community. He also love the interest that the Superway has created from other countries as well as from other universities here in the states.

Brian To

Brian To, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberBrian To is currently a senior attending San José State University. As a BSME major, Brian’s concentration is focused on Mechatronics. Brian enjoys working with home automation and incorporating his skills in home renovation. Brian is a member of the Solar and Controls team and also one of the event planners for the SMSSV team. As a San José native, Brian is excited to help the city flourish and grow into one of the leading cities in green technology. Outside of school, Brian enjoys finding old furniture and refurbishing it. Brian is very passionate about woodworking and spends his free time building furniture for his family and friends. When he is not busy with school and projects, Brian loves spending time and playing with his six dogs.

Steve Trevillyan

Steve Trevillyan, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberSteve lives in Salida, California with his wife, Brieann, their two month old son, Jeremiah, and their eleven year old toy poodle, Pierre. He enjoys the outdoors and anything adventurous is sure to hold his attention. Family means everything to him. Steve's motivation for earning a BSME degree stems from those closest to him and his willingness to improve his family's lives, financially. Steve is currently a Senior Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University where he is a member of the Spartan Superway Team. His contributions to this team will be the testing and analysis of the full-scale guide way.

Alex Valenzuela

Alex Valenzuela, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberAlex Valenzuela is a student at San José State University. He is earning his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. For his senior project he will be working with fellow ME students on the Spartan Superway project. His role for the project will be to assist in the design of the intermediate scale bogie, fail safe, braking, and the intermediate scale railing. Another role he was given was lead in the procurement duty. He is looking forward to working on this project, because he believes there is big potential for a green energy public transportation and the help it would be for people and the planet. When he is not at school, he is currently employed at the Home Depot assisting people on their personal home projects. His hobbies include solving puzzles, reading, playing tennis, going to the gym, paintball shooting, and watching movies, to name a few. He hopes that he can make a positive impact for the world through his knowledge in engineering.

Vicente Viqueira

Vicente Viqueira, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberVincente is an international student from Venezuela. He is a senior Mechanical Engineering student at San José State University, with an emphasis in mechanical design. Vincente decided to join the Spartan Superway project, because he found it to be a great solution for the heavy traffic that affects the community in the Silicon Valley. As part of the team, he will be working on the “fail safe” system to make the Superway as safe as possible for its users. Outside of his studies, he enjoys being outdoors and riding his motorcycle.

Allan Wai

Allan Wai, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberAllan is in his senior year at San José State University pursing a BSME degree in Mechatronics. His interest for Mechatronics spawns from robotics and automation control. Allan joined the Spartan Superway team to implement olar power to the model Superway. Using the leadership skills he had gained from his job experiences, he plans to coordinate events for the team. He is also looking forward to work with his team and build upon last year's previous work to reach the 2016 goal. Aside from his studies, he tries to find time to ride or fix his motorcycle.

Henry Xie

Henry Xie, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberHenry Xie is a fifth year student at San José State University majoring in mechanical engineering. He is pursuing a focus in mechatronics hence going to work with the small scale team on the Spartan Superway project since it relates more to what he is interested in doing. He also has an interest in design, not just in engineering but also in aesthetics; he believed that engineering, science, and art are all related and should not be separated. He seeks to gain experience working on this large interdisciplinary project that he will be able to apply later on in his career. Henry also believes in the philosophy of 'Question Everything', at least the things you understand.

Jaymie Zapata

Jaymie Zapata, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberJaymie is currently a senior at SJSU in the BSME program. He will be a part of the solar team. The solar team is looking towards improving the process of installation as well as, improving the over all design. His experiences include working as a quality control inspector, as well as project manager for the San Mateo Foster City school district. Once he heard about the Spartan Superway, he immediately jumped at the opportunity to improve the lives of others, by creating a sustainable transportation system. Through this project, he hopes to bring awareness that the Spartan Superway is viable alternative, and it will be beneficial to everyone.


Dr. Burford Furman

Burford Furman, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberBuff is a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at San José State University, where he has been affiliated since 1994. He is also a registered professional engineer in the state of California in mechanical engineering since 1984. Prior to arriving at SJSU, he worked at IBM in San José in the development of disk drive actuators and spindle motors. He has also been a consultant in the optomechanical and laboratory automation industries. His areas of teaching and research are focused primarily in Automated Transit Networks, mechatronics, precision machine design, and engineering measurements.

Ron Swenson

Ron Swenson, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberRon Swenson is co-founder of INIST, the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation, and advisor to the Spartan Superway, with emphasis on solar energy and mechanical systems. He has been amazed by the continuing progress since INIST sponsored the Solar Skyways Challenge prize which was awarded to the Spartan Superway team at the 7th annual Podcar City conference in Washington DC in 2013. Ron's company Swenson Solar has developed a number of commercial solar systems. In the 1990s he co-founded Tonatiuh, Mexico's solar race car team which competed in the USA and Australia. In the 1960's he taught mechanical design, computer programming, and cybernetic systems in the Engineering School at San José State. He holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and plays old timey songs on the banjo.

Paul Albulet

Paul Albulet, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberPaul has worked for several medical device startup and larger companies in Silicon Valley over the past 15 years, including Boston Scientific, BD Biosciences, Aerogen, Nex-ray, Mission Medical and Polyremedy. Prior to that he worked at Abbott, Hospital Products division, developing drug infusion pumps for the hospital critical care market. Founder and director of product design for Albulet Design, LLC, Paul now consults with high tech companies in Silicon Valley providing product design, design for manufacturing, and industrial design. Paul is providing mentoring support in Solidworks and design for manufacturing to the teams on the Spartan Superway project. Paul has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from University of California, Davis and a BS degree in industrial design from San José State University. When not doing product development, Paul enjoys mountain bike riding and nature photography.

Bryan Burlingame

Bryan Burlingame, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberBryan has spent most of his professional career at Microsoft as part of their ASIC Research and Development efforts managing large scale engineering compute farms while leading teams supporting Microsoft's hardware related engineering efforts.In addition to his professional efforts, Bryan instructs at SJSU in the Mechanical Engineering department and has been involved in the Personal Rapid Transit efforts & the Spartan Superway since its inception.

Anuradha Munshi

Anuradha Munshi, 2015-2016 Spartan Superway Team MemberAnuradha Munshi is Founder and President at SunDraft Energy Inc. and also serves as Program Advisor for Smart Energy Enterprise Development (SEEDZ) initiative at Joint Venture Silicon Valley. She brings her knowledge, expertise and experience working with academia, government and corporate industry experts to the SMSSV project as a mentor helping students design innovative transit solutions that include integration with renewable sources like solar.Anuradha has more than 10 years of experience in the building construction and energy industry. Prior to joining Joint Venture Silicon Valley, she was the Energy Lead with Sustainable Silicon Valley where she managed research projects and led the energy content development team for the EcoCloud social media platform. She is also an architect, with experience managing multiple large-scale commercial building construction projects. Anuradha's education portfolio includes Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies program at Stanford University, a major in Energy Management and Climate Policy, Project Management and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Pune in India.

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