Spartan Superway


In order to relieve traffic congestion, the Spartan Guideway will be suspended to utilize the empty space above city streets. To reduce our carbon footprint, photoelectric panels will be placed on top of the guideway to power the entire system. The Spartan Guideway is the foundation that allows the PRT to travel throughout its environment.

Additionally, the Spartan Guideway other projects such as Solar, Bogie, and Switch-Arm will need to coordinate with Guideway to ensure stability and safe travelling for the passengers.

Rendering of Station 2 Transportation Hub at Adobe

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Rendering of Station Transportation Hub


The bogie is the chassis or framework that houses the wheels and axles. A bogie can be attached or be detached to a guiderail. The purpose of the bogie is to improve ride quality, minimize irregularities in the guideway, and provide stability on straight and curved tracks.

Additionally, the bogie is integral for protecting the mechanical and eletrical components that are interconnected with the switch-arm, guideway, and IOT. 

Image of 2015 Bogie

Rendering of Bogie

Rendering of Bogie